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hi im suffering with a lot of pain 3 discs on the spinal cord at the top of my neck am waiting for operation

i am now suffering with anxiety an depression the dr gave me citalpam 20 once a day an gabaplentin 300 3 times a day diazipam 2 twice a day i also have 1 glass of berroca a day i ave had the citalpam for 3 months an im not getting any better i have pushed my family away an have 12 g-children but feel as if i have'nt got any energy to be botherd i feel like i just want to block the pain out nobody understands how i feel i ave now been offered an operation on my back an decided to have it done in hope that this horrible feeling i have in my stomach will go i sometimes feer going out an wood quite happily stay in bed i have lost 1 1/2 stone in weight and dont feel to good with myself is this anxiety caused by my pain i am in constantly i ave suffered with this for comming up 2 a year face value i look allright but its what im feeling underneath i wish i could give it to my family just for 1 hour so as they no how i feel its tearing me apart as im not the same woman i used to be and should i go back to the docters an tell himthat there is no change in my condition or maybe change my anxiety tablets

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HI I THINK you should go back to g p all these tablets are zonking you no wonder you are tired all the time a review of your meds is a must x good luck phone them tomorrow x


hi milo yes i was thinking that myself an so that why i asked on hear but will this horrible anxiety feeling i have go eventully or have i got this for life im really trying my hardest to pass it off an liveing on a estate for 56 years i feel as if every 1 r laughing at me i have always been a very highly stressed person but now have fear of going out i have no true friend as she passed 3 years ago age 41 mayb this is what triggered this off i don't no or because of the pain im in honest i carnt put my finger on it she was ny rock an pull me back up soo miss her even though she was younger than myself my husband is very good but wen im down its like he carnt cope as he is working long hours i try to do my best in the house as i used to be a cleaner holic but nw just trying to keep it under hand is to much i have to go to bed for an hour or two in the day ha ha regular thing for me an kids say mammys in bed or g-kids say nanny in bed this is not a life its just existing will this anxiety go .....



You probably have quite a lot to get off your chest, and missing a best friend is a sign isn't it. Your GP should be able to offer you counselling so mention that when you go back. Also some other therapies might help and you can access this for free on the NHS. The Doctor should offer you counselling or other therapy as well as medication but no surprise they are often slow to do that. You can go direct and contact some therapy services directly to get an appointment. DOn't let things get worse. If the doctor is not helpful, or you prefer to go direct, take a look at for your local NHS service; or search using your postcode at

They have staff trained to help people with physical and mental health issues. If you can get a self-referral appointment you don't even have to discuss with the GP. If the waiting list is too long or for other options take a look at THere is a help and advice there including a free email service and a helpline you can call monday to friday, 9.30 til 5.30.

All the best,



thankyou very much Dibble i will make an appointment but i am waiting to see a phyciatrist but havent had an appointment yet but i will try on anxietyuk .org thanks again for takeing time out tto reply to me ..


HI greeneway, isnt it awful when you feel like crap everyday!!!!! thinking of you and hoping for the best. go back to your gp and dont take no nonsence! x


hi sam .yes it is awful as i have never experinced ne thing like this in my life an it sure turns ur life upside down my dad is 84 only live just down the other street an havent seen him in 3 weeks because of this but we keep in touch on the phone an its awful haveing him asking me am I ok an it really kills as i lost my mam as well 5 years ago i just hate this horrible feeling i have in my stomach i have had a lot of stress even in my teenage years but i never thought it would come to this i am happily married an have 3 gorgusss children my 1 daughter lives 3 doors down but have 5 children frm 11 down to 1 an the other have 5 chilren an she has'nt much time as she is working as a care worker an u no wa sons r like an people dun really wanna hear it all the time ... thanks for the message ..


Hy greenway,

What sort of doctor do you have, never have i known any one to take so much medication

before in my life.I have no medical nkowledge, but this is by far too much. I segest very

strongly to get a secon opinion as soon as you can.

Cant think what eles to say,

love rgency


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