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depression causing headaches and numbness/pins and needles

i have been told i am suffering depression and anxiety following the loss of my mother. i am on citalopram and buspirone but still feel really anxious. i have recurring thoughts of death and its really gettin me down. its affecting my home life and work. i feel so tired in the mornin, i wake up but dont want to get up and make the effort. I find myself feeling as though im on a boat with a swaying sensation. is any of this normal symptons or anyone else experienced the same. kev

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i also get the recurring thoughts of death and feel the same to be honest i lost my mum when i was only 4 you should try and think of the good times or keep a diary with just things about your mum and how you feel i found this helped for me and hopefully soon you can look back throw it and see how far you have come loosing any loved one is hard we just all try to cope in different ways


Grief is a very individual thing but if you've not suffered from depression and/or anxiety before, to me medication will only help get you so far down the right path if it doesn't improve I would be looking to my GP to refer me for CBT. I left it way too long and regret it so much! The symptoms you describe, from experience, I know both depression and anxiety can cause but if you were not having these sensations before it could be side effects, worth checking out. Good luck. Anxiety and depression can be overcome.


thanks guys. i will try and do a diary and i will look into cbt, im not sure if medication is right or not. i was on flouxetine before but that made me more anxious and i suffered awful headaches. just wanna be myself again,almost feel like im outside lookin in on my life, its a strange feeling.


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