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HI i had my first panic attack in the house i was on my own ever since i am afraid to stay on my own i have tried and tried but i can feel an attack coming on if i am alone when my partner is here i am o k but when he is in work i have to get out all day has any one else had this please any advice i so want to be able to stay in my own house x

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This sounds like you've developed a phobia of being alone in the house, as a response to the panic attack you suffered. A good idea is to access an experienced psychotherapist who can work with you to slowly overcome the panic - exposure and response therapy might be useful


Hi I too am scared to stay in the house on my own

I think I have developed a phobia or it's a bad habit.

I have been on and off medication but didn't feel it helped.

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to stay on my own for

a few hours and I have managed it I didn't like doing it but I know I have to try

I am now seeing a pyschologist and someone to help me with anxiety.

Sometimes when I'm on my own in the house and if Iook out onto the street I see some of my neighbours I tend to feel a little bit better knowing that there is someone around that

you could go to


Hi Milo. Yes i have had many a panic attack at home alone, at home with someone around me, the one i use to fear most is making sure i got dressed as soon as i got up because if i stayed relaxed a little and did not get dressed i went into an attack but the fear was if i was not dressed how would i get out quick. It's not easy i know but it is just a fear and im sure you know this anyway because i have seen a lot of your posts and replies and always fairly positive. So why not when your husband goes to work, do not think about him going, just get up and get ready right away, maybe get up the same time, try not to think about what if, i know its hard but please try to think about something more positive. What you will make for his tea, something nice to surprise him, think of making a nice cosy meal for two. Not sure if you have children but if not at home then maybe invite someone for a morning coffee as well. Don't be punishing yourself love its all a natural way to think because its not the safe haven anymore in your subconscious because this is the where the fear started. So when husband gets up you get up, get yourself ready, sit with him for breakfast, read something chat or whatever you wish to do in a morning. When husband is ready for going walk him to door, to gate outside, wish him a good day then come back in. Start preparing tea or something you would not normally do until later that day.

Its just a thought hun because i know exactly how your feeling as i have been there, the only safe place i have now is in my head so i go there... No one can change that or intrude on that not even yourself lol if that makes sense. Please try it is hard but it will eventually subside and you will feel good again about staying in as well as going out. xxx good luck.


THANKS ALL for answering untitled that is exactly what i do i bath at night and get all my clothes to hand so i can dress as soon as i wake up even though i used to bath every morning as well i have stopped that in case i have an attack in the bath and thesme i do think i need to speak to someone about this i do need therapy of some kind and diane i do try like you but after a few hours it gets too much and i know what is coming so i have to get out again thanks all i will go see my doctor for advice x x x


hi i was the same had my frst panic attacka t home but i wasnt going to let it beat me i say to myself this is my home and im not going anywhere its a horrible feeling but it does get easier if you have a bad day you have a bad day so what tell yourself that it helps me


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