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Coffee meets

Leta's comments today about meeting for a coffee, reminded me of a recent meeting I went to with a friend who has anxiety and panics. He hoped that with one of the big national mental health charities moving in to the area that they might set up a coffee group, somewhere where he and a few others could go to instead of mixing in big crowds and cafes in town.

It turned out that the charity knew there was interest in a coffee group but didn't really want to set one up. There had been one in the town some time back and was shut down for questionable reasons (maybe behaviour, personality fall outs).

Has anyone ever set up their own coffee group, maybe in a church hall or similar before?

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I think it is great idea, I was looking for some time any kind of anxiety, panic or agoraphobia social groups in my area, unfortunately ther are none of them...asked even my cbt therapist to speak to her manager and create one...but nothing happened so far... I do understand that people with various mental problems might be scared to get out of they comfort zone, but I think it is an extremely good option in to getting together, having a talk, helping each other and having great time even with anxiety and ect...once we are there all with same issues it is easier and I believe all people have some kind of anxiety issues just we have a bit more...please be brave live your life for your interests but not to suit anxiety :)


we were trying to set up a meeting in Croydon or around as well, few people lives nearby but no success!!! although it would be very beneficial and wouldn't be weird because we all suffer from the same things more or less but as you said Leta they might be afraid to get out of their comfort zone!! too bad


we had a cafe in buxton, but they shut down due to under funding. i dont think derbyshire health authority want to admit theres mental health problems here. we only have psychologist in the whole of the high peak & hes only employed part time its a joke. may other health authorities are the same.good luck in getting something started.


I get a sense that things like social groups were only setup with funding if there were some health targets and outcomes to achieve. Maybe it needs a client led approach and them finding the energy to do it themselves BUT this can of course be outside their comfort zones.


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