Does anyone else drink coffee in the morning? I am a big coffee drinker and could honestly drink it all the time. I had to to cut back. Ever since my anxiety got really bad when I drink coffee in the morning I get all shaky and feel like I have to run around like a nut. I feel like I am on crack when I drink it. (I am not a drug user I don't even know how crack makes you feel lol). Not sure if that's normal? And I am not about to use google and ask because doctor google will tell me im dying. Anyways. I normally drink 2 cups in the morning while I smoke my cigarettes. For some reason it moves things along for me if you know what I mean. (Bathroom wise). After I am done drinking my coffee and using the bathroom I feel like a nut and need to eat something and take my klonopin. Not sure if anyone else has this problem. Can coffee make anxiety worse? I literally start feeling my body get all nervous and stuff.


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  • I use to drink coffee & have caffeine all the time. It didn't use to bother me at all... Until I got my anxiety.. :( I drink coffee here & there but I noticed it does make your anxiety worse.. I can only have 1 cup a day if that. Every time I drink it sometimes I get that little jitter & sometimes it just makes me all paranoid & maybe start to panic just a little bit. I've read somewhere that coffee & caffeine can definitely have an effect with your anxiety! So maybe try & cut back a little bit. :) not saying you can't enjoy coffee but maybe just drink a little less than you do.

  • Well I figured that the caffeine in the coffee is what is causing me to feel the way I do. Maybe just having one small cup in the morning and that's it. I love coffee and it sucks. Maybe I should try decaf coffee and see if that works for me. I cut out a lot of things drinking wise. I don't drink soda anymore I don't drink alcohol anymore I don't drink anything but water. At first it was hard because I love soda and I love coffee. That's why I only drink it in the morning is to keep things moving along. The rest of the day it is strictly water. I have actually grown to love water now I used to hate it. I typically would only drink about a bottle a day. Now I drink I would say at least 7 to 8 bottles of water a day Lol

  • The only bad side to drinking so much water a day is that I'm constantly peeing LOL

  • I did exactly what you did! I cut out everything! :/ it sucks because I use to love pop & coffee! They didn't bother me what so ever in the past! Now they do with this stupid anxiety. :/ I use to enjoy drinking too but everything I just completely stopped. All I drink now is flavored water! Lol & like I said, I do drink maybe 1 cup of coffee every other day. Which doesn't effect my anxiety if I only have a small amount of caffeine. :) I hate plain water but I use the propel flavoring Because I need flavor. I can't just drink regular water. 😋 but it's good to know that I'm getting the water that my body needs! Lol & the constant peeing is annoying but I rather be going through that then having my anxiety bounce off the roof! 😋

  • Stimulants (caffeine and nicotine) help with bowel movements. If they are making your anxiety worse (increased heart rate), eat more fibre, drink more water and have decaf. Check with your GP if your medication is also effecting your bowel movements and appetite.

  • Most definitely! It definitely makes my anxiety worse... but I love my coffee! I feel the same too like I need to run and take my klonopin 😜

    I've tried to only drink one cup in the morning but if I drink more than that I try to make it decaf.

    I love coffee... especially making a Starbucks run. Stupid anxiety ruins all the fun lol

  • Rissa_ there's no way I could have real coffee, the adrenaline is already high in our bodies in the morning naturally w/o adding more stimulus. I found the best of both worlds by enjoying a good cup of Decaf anytime. Get a good quality name brand coffee in a piping hot cup of water, add one of all the numerous flavored creams out there. My favorite is Irish Cream or Hazelnut. Stir and enjoy. On a cold winter's night, a dollop of whip cream makes it satisfying w/o the negative effects.

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