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Hi guys so I've had some very positive days but I think my anxiety might be throwing me a curve ball. Today I was at a meeting for my son starting school and I got this cold tingling feeling in my chest and left armpit. It was a close call to just running out of the meeting but I sat through it attempting to accept this new feeling. But here's the thing the Claire weekes book I'm reading says that anxiety doesn't throw up new symptoms so now I'm freaking out that I've had a heart attack or am going to have one. Anyone else get these feelings please. Big hugs xx


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  • I don't have these symptoms mine is in my gut! However have you been tested for health issues. It does not hurt to check! However, to me it sounds like you have anxiety symptoms. But if you are unsure a call to the doctor is not bad! Remember you are the only advocate for your health

  • My dr said that having tests done only reaffirms the health anxiety so I don't really see much point in going if that makes sense. Depending on how much rest I get I might call tomorrow and see what is said. Thank you for your time :) hugs xx

  • don't ever say not much of a point! Fight for your health..all apsects !

  • Thanks betha I'll try to be assertive:) xx

  • of course

  • That can definitely make someone panic even more. I think that's so wierd being that it seems like I get all sorts of symptoms some I can recall I've had before and some seem so very new to me which it causes me to panic even more when it seems like something new. I've had better days but the last few weeks have really been a rough patch for me making me feel like I'm back at square one with all the symptoms and not being sure if it's anxiety or not

  • It's so hard to beat isn't it 🙄 I think I'm going to ring the Drs in the morning see what they say but I don't want to waste their time if it turns out it's just yet another health anxiety problem. We can beat this though I know that! Tomorrow is another day and it will get better if we let it :) hugs x

  • You can have your blood tested for signs of heart attack. You can also have an EKG just to be sure. Don't let the doctor convince you that you are overreacting. If you let the doctor be dismissive, that's what he will do. Like the above noted, be assertive.

    But I would also say that if you feel 100% completely fine now, and don't want to deal with the doctor's comments, yes it could be you were having a bit of anxiety while in that meeting. I don't agree with that book you are reading. I have new physical anxiety symptoms pop up sometimes.

  • Yes, about new symptoms popping up! I get that too. I read on a reputable site that treats anxiety that symptoms changing is a common phenomena with anxiety disorders. What did Weeks say exactly in that book I'm wondering?

  • I went to the dr this morning he said it was anxiety and that my anxiety symptoms will mimick my worst fears (health anxiety) he checked me over and asked questions then I cried because I'd wasted his time 🙈 He laughed and told me not to be silly 😂 The bit about anxiety not changing its symptoms is where she says

    No new symptoms can arise it may comfort you to know the actions of adrenaline is always restricted to the same organs and so must always follow the same pattern. There are no new surprises in store for you.

    But it is a very old book. However it is still helping me to look for positives in every day so I'm still going to continue reading it over and over lol hugs xx

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