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what a let down

Hi peeps,

Well i went for my assessment today with psychologist i was a nervous wreck felt awful.Felt like i was going to pass out really dizzy felt like the floor was moving horrible sensation on top of the shaking and chest tightness.After the assessment i asked her what happens now and she said shes got to discuss my case with her team then decide what care plan to do if any.I asked her how long and she said anything from 3 to 6 months depending on priority and ive already been waiting 9 months .I felt to be honest all she was interested in was my child hood and my upbringing which was actually ok apart from my mum being ill all my life and made me worry and insecure growing up thinking she was going to die.She did say she thinks ive got myself in a anxiety cycle and just need to retrain my anxiety from abnormal to normal.So now ive got to wait im not doing that i cant wait another few more months for the nhs to help.Im going to have to do it myself like i am now bit by bit or i might look into some counselling.I know its got to come from me anyway just needed some guidance.I just feel let down by our nhs system not enough help and im dissapointed i had to go through it today and still no help.

claire x

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I know the NHS really don't seem to care. Every time I have been to see the GP all they have said is what would I like them to do and if I say just give me more pills they are happy to prescribe at will. The support will come from people in your life and from within. Do you believe in God and if so talking to him everyday on your own can really help.


Talking to God doesn't help if you don't believe in God, which I don't. And the NHS is limited, yes - but there are other options. You clearly need help and support, clairep. You must be a member of Anxiety UK, right? Well, you might not know that they have two kinds of membership. If you pay a higher amount you get the 'therapy rate' and are entitled to lowcost anxiety therapy, depending on what is available to you locally. So why not ring them and ask about it? You have to fill in a form and then apparently you can get some kind of counselling or therapy fairly quickly. It's worth a try anyway and won't cost the earth. Do you love with your family? Would they be prepared to pay for it if it wasn't too much?

It sounds totally unacceptable that you have to wait for so long for therapy or counselling. The other option could be finding out whether your GP's surgery has a counsellor attached. Sometimes they do. Or finding out from the GP whether there is somewhere you can go in the meantime - because for someone suffering as you are, it's almost unbearable.

Another thought: try the Mind website and maybe phone them up because they often have counselling and therapy services locally. All of this you can do while you are waiting for the NHS appointment so don't come off their list, just try to investigate other options because there are others - though you might have to pay something for it. Good luck! Oh, and well done for going to the appointment. You didn't find it easy, so all credit to you for seeing it through.


hedgecrone everyone is entltled to their own opinions and people have strong beliefs in here, i am Catholic and I believe in God and with prayer some things will get better, some things are more imporant than others, God sometimes is busy helping a cancer patient, so he would find time for us, we just have to believe.

I know you are entitled to your opinion as well. we are not discussing God existence, we are discussing anxiety, as different therapries works, spiritual life is important as well, few articles actualy says to have some spiritual therapies.

so if you don't mind me telling you with all my respect and don't mean to offend you, you are not in a place to say that God does not exist, Claire is entitled to take Hamish's opinion or not, but don't be sarcastic, as everyones opinion are appreciated in here, so is yours so is Hamish, on this site we don't slay each other for beliefs/background, we appreciate eveyones opinion and you are entitled to give Claire advice not underestimate some peoples opinion.

Freedom of choice hedgecrone, and sorry if i offended you in any way now. this is just my opinion as well.

Claire I hope you get well soon, somehting will come up sooner or later and your positive attitude that you will face it bit by bit on your own and support of loved ones always good.


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HI ALL a bit of a debate going on here i myself do belive in god but also i do agree every one to their own opinion CLAIREP has been let down by the system the N H S offer and having worked for them all my working life i can understand why it is a complete shamble x


completely understand that not everyone believes in God but i find great peace in the fact that not everything is within my control and whenever I feel anxious or alone that I can believe that someone is watching over me. I love God and I know deep down that everything will be OK if I keep believing in him. This in itself is great therapy. treatment wise you should seek the best help you can get but at the same time look within and try and find peace in something.


If God exists or not Nhs is a let down most of the the beginning doctors weren t keen to help me as such and my blood pressure was really high even though I never suffer of it and I m young.i found the situation very frustrating and I start getting ill over it!!i go to gp and I ended up causing more problem that I had before,I was getting very frustreted.!!eventually they did help me but I m still looking forward to change gp practice.


HI claire, i know this is an awful thing to say but the whole system is a huge let down so if your waiting for them to recover you, yourll be waiting a long time. your better off buying a cbt book and making your own action plan and getting on some meds to assist you along the way. the system is upside down and inside out! i was issued a support worker who made mw feel like a stupid child, she didnt have a qualification to her name. we have to rely on family, self help, meds and great sites like this. x


Strange and sad that so many People think the NHS has let them down, I am lucky enough to have Doctors who understand and do all they can to help me, I feel very lucky as in the 70's my Doctor was simply going through the motions and didn't seem to care much at all, he even started to write a Prescription as you walked into his room to see him and got me stuck and left on Diazapam for 10 years! the ones I have now are great thank goodness, I think you need to find the right one to help you too.


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