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How does anxiety find a way?

I have been so good at dealing with my anxiety recently, I have managed it a lot through my diet and was feeling brilliant however now it seems to be attacking in a new way! Why is it when you get it under control in one way it comes at you from another angle? I know exactly what I am doing wrong, I am concentrating solely on how I am feeling rather than what I am doing which means I am distracted and can't focus properly and I then start to believe that I can't breathe, get short of breath, start to go dizzy and feel like my blood sugar is dipping - when it isn't because I know I am eating properly. It just finds new ways to attack - I hate it right now. I feel very clear headed, I don't feel stressed or worried about anything and yesterday when I was out all day - I only got a tiny bit of it and then managed to get it under control and felt brilliant. I felt amazing this morning, I was out with my horse, I got home and sat at my desk and started getting the familiar feelings, so I stopped had a shower to take my mind of it - felt great again, now I am sitting at my desk again and can feel it creeping back - I am totally aware of it yet I can't seem to control it or stop it! Any one feel the same and can anyone suggest any ways to focus my mind away from it? I am busy and have tonnes of work to do but it is like 95% of me is OK and 5% of me won't let go of the feelings! Grrrrrrrr! I feel really angry and frustrated with myself that I can't deal with it!!!!

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The only way to deal with is distracting yourself and not letting it rule your life. These is no easy answer, I have tried to find one for years. are you on any medication and how are you controlling it through your diet?


I posted a long piece about my diet in the blogs - about how I didn't realise how much food could effect my anxiety - it is mega long though but will explain what I am doing! I feel so close to beating it but just have these niggles!! I am not on medication, take fish oil tablets which do really help but I just feel like I am almost there and it is just out of my reach - makes me frustrated and dwell on it even more!!!!


I wish you the best but don't be too hard on yourself if you have a bad day as this brings stress in itself. Life will always have its up and downs but there will always be mores up's because thats just how it is and we are made to fight back to health.


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