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Thak you to everyone that has replied to my post your thoughts and words where greatly appreciated and im glad ive got a strong netowrk thank you

I would have answerd sooner but there was a problem with the site so i couldnt but thank you once again

am feeling better

Dr knows im feeling but due to panic/anxity attacks i cant get out to see the dr and the receptionst wont let me speak to him on the phone nor will they send him out

have had problems with drs the one dr that i could trust that has been withme from birth bared me from her surgery after they where going to section me because i freaked out when i thought my dad was gonna die

been to three more but all they do is put me in contact with the black mental health team where i live and i have no trust in them been to four and they have let me down big time

everyone just sees me hasthis big black angry woman and if you see the size of me youd be shocked

thank you and later on will post you something ive written has my family have done a lot to me so happy reading later an thank you

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HI THISISIT stop putting yourself down BIG BLACK that does not matter to me or a lot of other people who cares and if you can not get to doctor then he should come out be firm with them looking forward to reading your next post x


hi thisis it big & black is beautiful. it doesnt matter what size you or the colour of your skin its the person that counts its whats inside that matters you desre to be happy like anyone


I'm big, white and beautiful and proud of it .. Be proud of yourself , it's what's inside that matters ..We don't care what you are , we do care how you feel and how you are inside.. Be kind to your lovely self my friend xx


thank you again one and all will be back on again soon

feeling a lot better since I met everyone on this site so thank you

at the moment while im in a good mood I think its time I cleaned the house

so going to clean the house now ive not forgotton about you and will be back soon

even deleted my facebook account has I dont need it now

deleted my family out of my life

now I have a new network of friends

dont need the old negitiy ones

thank you xx


I'm so glad to read that you're feeling a lot better honey. Your size and skin colour make no difference to me. You're a human being, just like me. I'm astonished that there is such a thing as a black mental health team. Why does colour matter?

I understand how difficult it is to leave the house to see a GP. I struggle with that too.

Take gentle care of yourself.



HI THISISIT how you doing x


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