Thank you everyone

I dont post on here but I do read a lot of what people post and replies. I'm so glad that im on here. Everything I read people saying I've been feeling. Thinking I'm dying not living scared to leave shakes weak dizzy list goes on and on. But reading and seeing I'm not alone and knowing that maybe the doctors are rt it is anxiety. I been dealing with this for several months and have been really scared. Thank you to all that do share their symptoms and stories. It does help me to know.


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  • I feel u I've been living with anxiety for almost 2 years since I moved from Texas down to Kansas I take 1mg of lorazepam 2 times a day and that seems to help a little but I just want to live a normal life anxiety is really bad and it's taking over my life hope u feel better

  • I also have been prescribed 1 mg ativan twice a day but I only use it when I get really down or have to leave because I'm afraid my body would get hooked on it. I've noticed that I've had to use it more lately I just didn't want to get totally Dependant on it. But also don't want this feeling. This has been going on for several months and gets worse. My teenage son had to be sent away to a rehab and even though I know its the best and have seen the best improvement that's when it hit the worst. My therapist said that your body can only stay strong for so long. Also the anxiety has caused my bp to go up and they been having a hard time getting it rt. Throwing this med and that med at me and one med caused me to pass out from it going to low. So that made me even worse. I'm scared to be alone but only feel comfortable around my mom. I hope you feel better too and we all do and get through this. Its a terrible feeling that some people don't understand.

  • Thanks and I hope u feel better too and ur right nobody knows or understands what we r going through my kids my husband just say it's all in my mind I just want to stop my anxiety worries and stress I want to live a normal life

  • This site has actually helped me too. Knowing that you are not alone. Sometimes, when I have a panic attack i keep this in mind and I get a bit calmer. It's good to know I'm not dying and those symptoms really are from anxiety, they are the same symptoms we all anxiety sufferers experience. I do hope we all will get through this, with the help and support from each other!

  • Hello

    I can see you have been chatting and had some good replies just wanted to say nice seeing and reading your post and now you have said hello I hope you will feel you can join in and reply and post more :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi there, Ready! :)

    You sound like such a nice person, and I'm glad you posted. YOU have made people feel better, too, just by posting... It really is a feeling of relief to know you are not alone in how you feel.

    Things WILL work out OK with your son, although I know it must be tough, but even those feelings will be better.

    You take good care of yourself now!! Sending you a hug! :)


  • Thank you Betty 😀

  • Think about it this way.

    A doctor studies hard. Really hard. To get to basic doctor level she / he has already sat over 11 exams and been assessed continuously for over five years.

    They have studied, researched and treated many thousands of patients with continuous critiques and observations of others. The things they have seen makes them perfectly comfortable with the study of medications and the effects that these medications have upon the patient.

    They fully understand what a drug does, what it is intended to be used for and why.

    So they prescribe it to you knowing it will do you good. In fact they have the Hippocractic Oath whereby they swear to do no harm.

    So they prescribe a drug to you, to help to treat you and make you feel better, and you decide not to take it!!

    Is there really anything wrong with trusting your doctor and taking the medication that has been prescribed to you?

  • All drugs have side effects, and there is continued controversy about the benefits of many drugs vs the side effects. Many drugs have been withdrawn after being in general use because they have been found to have dreadful effects, such as thalidomide or vioxx.

    Why should people trust doctors unquestioningly?

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