constant chest tightness

Hello peeps im new to this i suffer with severe anxiety/panic disorder and agorophobia since sept last year,and i have this constant chest tightness and shortness of breath finding it very hard to cope with.Frightened of everything just started going out for short walks but having people around me including family n friends scares me.I never used to be like this just want my life back.Cant take meds dont agree with me think my body is too sensitised awaiting to see a psychologist with the intake and treatment team.Hate having these attacks.Is anybody else like me?

take care



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  • HI yes i have this all the time very scary i have to be with someone all the time i like you dont take meds i am allergic to almost everything i also get very dizzy and pressure in my ears we have similar symptoms x

  • Hi Claire, welcome, you're not alone here. The chest tightness and SOB is I'm sure you know is down to your chest muscles tightening up ready for that fight/flight/freeze response as is your breathing, your body is trying to get more oxygen in for the same reason. Glad you're seeking some help as you can get through this and get your life back. Hope you get some joy from this site.

  • HI Thankyou for replying,i guess i have to keep telling myself it will pass and accept it but its very hard to carry on at times.Im thinking of doing the linden method ive been told its very good,but dont want to get ripped off.

    take care


  • HI clairep, im in the same position myself. i know how scarey it is whit the tightness in the chest, i find belly breathing helps and diverting my mind to music or a book. i tried the lindon method and would have to say save your money!!!!!!! just get a cbt book instead as thats what it pretty much is but much cheaper. xxxxxx

  • i also had this until i started taking citolopram these meds av stop my breathlessness i still suffer from anxiety and heatlh anxiety but my breathlessness as gone these meds are great

  • Hi Clairep I also get the chest tightness I feel as though I can't get enough air into my lungs and find myself yawning to try and increase idal flow of air...I have realised that this is a technique I developed as a child which means I have suffered from bouts of anxiety since I was about 4..... I have recently swapped from escatelapram to citelapram and the transition period was awful. Mega episodes of anxiety however these have subsided ( after 5 weeks)

    Now I find that I have a nervous cough....I know that this is a side effect of citelapram but it is defiantly more noticeable when I am in a anxiety promoting situation....I have tried tapping which I think does help as a distraction tool but it is not engrained in my mind as a thing to do so must keep at it....I do hope you find something that channels the anxiety successfully but in the meantime I find that it helps to know that other people do have similar episodes to you ...for many years I thought I was just made wrong....keep happy

  • Idk if it's common but I get it too for onset of hours 20 days a month. Stinks, but it happens. I recently started CBT therapy, and it helps 7o percent of people statistics say so I recommend therapy. Try not to be stressed out but easier said than done. Go for walks alone, or with your dog, drink tea. and get to bed around when it gets dark and get up around daylight. These are just some helpful tips. I haven't come across any "Magic" pill that will help other than Xanax, but a lot of doctors don't like to prescribe it for some reason, truly it is the only thing that has worked in the worst episodes. I hope you get better! :)

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