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Anxiety / Panic Attack

I have suffered for the past week all I can describe if the worst kind of feeling I've ever experienced, when at it's worst.

I couldn't sleep 1 night and got in a very bad state. It left me feeling very anxious, the next day I wasn't too bad, but didn't feel right.

That night I slept, but woke up with severe anxiety, a feeling off dread and that nothing mattered, started getting worried about work and propelled the feeling. I had a full on panic attack in work (luckily a doctor's surgery). It made me feel like I could functional, unable to talk properly, talking very quiet, felt like I was in a different world, sensitive to other people's conversations, wishing I could be back to my normal self. Went ot doc's prescribed Diazepam.

Couldn't sleep that night, took 1 tab and fell to sleep for 3 hours. Was up at 4 as was so anxious and had another panic attack. Felt the same in work finished at 1pm and felt so awful, had another attack at home, went to doctors, but felt better about an hour after. Was able to sleep that night.

Next day went to original doctor I saw as felt like a cloud was over my head. Makes you feel like there's nothing that interested me, and that the hours of the day was going to go so slow as I just didn't want to do anything. It felt so negative and just awful, as normally I'm so happy and fun and enjoy my life. Anyway I'd wrote eveything down I was feeling and she (lovely doctor) gave me propranolol which has helped to calm me down. Taking 30mg a day. Not good night last night. Same feeling all over again in the morning.

The feeling is cereal.

Felt OK today after about 3 hours. But if I let myself think of things I feel the either the butterflies in stomach, the tinglering back of neck, chest is on fire, cereal feeling in my head, my legs and arms shaked as well when I get an attack. Uncontrollable. I worry about sleep / that's like a cycle then.

Just wanted to share my story.

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