hello ! Does anyone else use humour and flippancy in dealing with anxiety and depression ? do you use it to hide behind ? I know I do and sometimes it shocks people and they take things I say the wrong way.. Cos I also suffer from Pyschosis I get fed up with being asked " will you hurt me " questions.. my stock answer is yes I will if you keep asking me silly questions ! what do you all do to cope ?


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  • I know what you mean. I try being funny and it ends up not being funny, and then I get anxious over saying stupid things!

  • Hi! Yes i do, along with general sarcasm... I like to think it makes me feel better when I'm trying to be funny, although as you say it can sometimes backfire and you end up feeling paranoid etc... They must hate it at work, sometimes i find it difficult to take things seriously that I really should be :S

  • Hi,laughter is the best medicine! saying that is sooo true! as long as you can laugh at yourself! dont be awfull to other people,sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!! just try and find humour in your mistakes

    dont attack others or they will isolate you

  • I would never attack others but do take the p of myself.... often... I find it can make other people more comfortable being with me.. x

  • .... something I did yesterday I will share.. Hubby was driving and his phone rang, it said it was potato head.. So answered hello potato head !. omg I thought it was a friend of hubbys not his boss ....oops x

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