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Intrusive questions here.

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I was replying to a contributor regarding my use of Mirtazapine and became alarmed when a questionnaire popped up and although i answered some of the questions i felt rather violated being asked such personal questions, and if you try to continue it bounces back and says these questions must have an answer

Frankly i find it far to intrusive and i must consider whether to continue on HU. these questions are far to intrusive and downright rude and causes no end of anxiety, and no one tells me what to say, ,only on ones own volition should it be.

I have been a contributor on HU for many years but sadly its becoming for to intrusive if it continues in this vein .

10 Replies
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I would report this. It may be a troll, etc. I don't think that is supposed to happen at all.

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Please report what happened. It doesn't sound like something from HU.

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Do you think our data is being sold, or is it a questionnaire from healthUnlocked or a private individual 🤔?

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secrets22 in reply to Cb1963

yes i think something odd is going on.

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Dear secrets22,

I tend to agree, with BOTH Points...... Firstly this Doesn't 'Sound' like HU, 'They' will always give you The Option To NOT Answer. Secondly HU won't, under Normal Circumstances, ask you Personal Questions, on an 'Open' Forum. Though they Might P(rivate) M(essage) you, they have me, in the past.

So, please DO, report this- there are a List Of Administrators included on the Home Page, just scroll down a bit.

As I have already said..... All 'this' sounds 'Fishy', to me secrets..... Time to Back Away, my friend.


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Gambit62 in reply to AndrewT

You really need to report it to HU support rather than the forum administrators. It doesn't sound like the sort of functionality that forum administration have access to.

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AndrewT in reply to Gambit62

Yes, Sorry you're right.

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secrets22, I'm sorry this happened to you. It may be from the drug company

as a pop up. We need to avoid this happening by "locking our posts" Once

it is seen on the internet, anyone can hijack it. Stay Safe :) xx

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A popup came up?? That isnt right.

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Hmm, yes definitely sounds suspicious, obviously our details are on our medical history or health conditions as listed on our joining history and occasional I think HU asks if you want to update your health conditions/ medication if you join another group, I don't know if there's people who deliberately troll these accounts and target individuals who are doing the these questionnaires under the pretence of " research " which is a broad spectrum, however these individuals have NO right to try to gather information via this way, unless HU are part of this arrangement, unless its part of the

" terms and conditions " we are all unaware of, you know the famous small print 🙄, and then we are all are open to this practice, I don't know if you can send an email directly to HU directly or even if you'd just get a response, but if you just report this through the normal forum page format I doubt you'd get a reply, so it's trying to find out if this is a " one off" type of thing or if other individuals are going to be part of this unsavoury message you've received, but thanks for bringing this to our attention 👍

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