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Pounding heart when wake up


Anyone else have a rapid heart beat when you wake up and get out of bed? Just wondering if this is normal with anxiety?

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Hi Carrie

Yes, it very normal with anxiety especially if you wake up with a start which is very common..... it's as if the body goes on high alert the moment you open your eyes and consequently your heart rate goes up. Try not to worry about it, it's completely normal. Sit on the side of your bed for a little while and let your body go all floppy, then do some abdominal breathing exercises. Also, make sure you have a drink, juice or a hot drink with sugar, to raise your blood sugars........ this will prevent you feeling weak and dizzy.

Hope this helps


Thank you so much!

Happens to me every morning around 3am.i know I have to get ready for work, get daughter ready, commute to daycare and work and then assist in 8 hours of surgery, then commute to daycare, home, dinner and bath for daughter and laundry and then repeat five days a week! It's too much to even comprehend what we try to do in one day. Fathers and mothers take on a lot but sometimes have no choice. Just hoping I can cope one hour at a time. I hope you can learn to calm yourself so the day starts out better. When you figure it out, tell me.

I am now back on lexapro, my antidepressant that I went off of 1 year ago. I had to go back on it and this symptom has stopped now

Good. Glad to hear that.

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