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decided to write this 2 see what positive things people use 2 help themselves when anxiety hits any answers will b greatly appreciated !!! i like 2 find a quite place ,appreciate the beauty i see ,listen 2 the birds ,breath the air ,watch the clouds ,watch the sun rise and set !!! i like 2 listen 2 the rain as it relaxes me ,love big storms !!! listening 2 my kids laugh and play and think how innocent they r and that nothing phases them !!! the joy and warmth of their smiles !!! i appreciate this duznt always work ,but thought it may help others 1 thing and most important and that is that we r not alone as this site shows ,thanks im really happy i found this place : )


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  • Hi, walking by water when poss (we have a canal and marina where I live!), for me the water is a calming effect. I also light quite alot of tealights at night (understand not a good idea if you have little ones about) and of course laughing and being silly with my daughter....seashell.x..

  • I know it's very hard to think positive when you're feeling anxious but for me I think it's about remembering the people who are there to pick you up when you're down. It could be friends or relatives. For me, it is my family.

  • HI, i love relaxation music ive found it very helpful, breathing exercises, sitting in the garden with the sun on my face feeling the warmth, listening to my panic attack eliminator, reading an inspiring book been reading katie pipers story about her life she is amazing and advises this site in her latest book "things get better". using my head massager and having a bonfire in the garden and curling up with a blanket and watching the flames. x

  • hi Sam sounds good ,bonfire sounds great as duz the head massager : ) thanks 4 ur input guys x

  • Hi Lonestar, hope your feeling a little better. I like big storms too, thunder and lighting have cheered me up since i was a kid. I find a clear night sky relaxing. Sitting back and looking up at the stars is something i look forward to, i can sometimes clear my mind completely looking for planets. I used to enjoy running when i felt more confident, it gave me a buzz. I hope to start again when i feel a bit more normal.

  • hi scribbler ,yea alot better 2day ,had an awful couple of days previous !!! i love watching the night sky its beautiful ,i used 2 run 4 my school bk in the day lol ,cross country was my thing !!! how r u doing ???

  • I'm not bad, i had a few sketchy moments at work today. The usual negative thoughts going round and round, I feel better now. Cross country running? Wow, i used to like the athletic track. Its good to remember things you enjoy. Thanks for posting an uplifting blog Lonestar!

  • my pleasure ,every little helps !!! : ) ever want a chat u know where i am : )

  • Hi Lonestar. Strangely I always think about my dog :) Whenever I've had an attack he's always by my side and comes up for a cuddle. He's quite a big dog so it's almost like cuddling a human, but his breathing really calms me down and just knowing he is there. I always think about my house and my partner and dog and how lucky I am to have all three, this calms me down as I know they are always there. I like the peace and quiet too, too much chaos when I am panicking makes me worse. x

  • hi Mandy thanks 4 ur input ,i think thats a great way ,i have a cat that comes and sits on my lap ,shes great lots of love and affection ,expect ur dogs the same ,thanks again Mandy X

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