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Glad he finally understands

My friend finally understands that my mother will not help me. He made me try and talk to her again so I did purely because if I didn't we'd fall out and I can't cope with that. Anyway speaking to mum was fun... got ignored last night then today tried again only for her to say "yes you told me yesterday" then after a bit of explaining "well i dont know" and walked off. Explained this to him and he was like "ok I believe you now. Sorry xxx" so I'm glad he finally sees that talking to my family isn't an option.

Was meant to be a celebration day but my friends poorly so having to postpone it. Hope he comes online I really need a chat with him.

Feeling a bit better about myself today but think its because he finally realised and I don't have to argue with him over it anymore.

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hi chloefer i can relate 2 u when u say about ur mum ,i have the same problem ,just feels like im and have always been ignored !!


in fact i get it with all my family !! it is horrible !!! and it makes u feel so alone !! if u ever want a chat just message me ,if im not on here il get bk 2 u as soon as i can : )


Thanks hun I'm glad you can relate. Going to see my friend today hopefully so gonna have a proper chat to him about it all. I really appreciate the offer and will keep you in mind. Thanks x


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