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Glad to be relaxing :-)

So this morning i went to a group thing with my sister at the hospital. She suffers with spd in this pregnancy which is pelvis and can be or back to, some women end up on crutches while there pregnant and have to have physio. I went with her even thou i hadn't been referred by my midwife because I've been having it in my left side. Sumtimes wen i get up in limping. Anyway i got the exercise leaflets and the things to do to ease it. Then wen i got back i realised i had brought the wrong house key out. My lock was broke and the council fixed it yesterday. So i went over to my mates and asked her to fone her nephew if he cud climb on to my bay window as the little window in my bedroom i open every morning to let fresh air in. He managed to open big window and climb thou. I done me house and went to c midwife. They dont usually listen to babies heart beat till 22 or 24 wks. So i wasn't expecting to but she asked me. I cud hear little Bradley moving about and then his heart beat. I really can't wait to meet him. I felt so anxious wks ago about labour and night feeds. Not that i hate night feeds as they don't bother me but in case im up feeding him and i get anxious. Now in so looking forward to it. I know it can be tiring but in really looking forward to it. I just want to meet baby Bradley. Im 17 wks this wk so im nearlly half way thou my pregnancy. 23 wks left to go :-)xxx

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Sounds like an interesting day for you. I'm glad you managed to get back into your house, one way or another. I know what you mean about night feeds I waited 6 years between children because of the night feeds!!!!! Time will fly now so not long now

Take care xx


Hi winter there a age gap of 4 yes between the two and an 8 yr gap between my youngest now and the baby wen he's born. At least wen other two at school the baby will have full attention until other two get back from school xxx


Night feeds are hard but they don't last too long... may seem like that at the time.!!

I breastfed my daughter number two and I can tell you there is no more relaxing time than sitting down with baby and feeding them. It is a real bonding time and so very special.

I would hazard a bet that you can't get anxious when breastfeeding as it is such a calm time.

My daughter number one is 34 weeks pregnant so it is getting very exciting for us all now.

Keep well and take care, Julie xx


Hi jeffju it was is very relaxing and very bonding. I breast fed my first for a whole wk b his real dad put me under that much stress i didnt have much milk. The last night of breast feeding him he woke up every hour. In the end i was that exhausted i cryed while feeding him and rushed to the supermarket and fetched milk. He was fine after that. 2nd time around i done both and pumped it out as well. In doing both again this time as well xxx



Oh how lovely getting to hear Bradley's heart beat :-)

I am looking forward to the first pics :-)

You sound like my friend she has had more people having to climb through her windows because she forgets keys than anyone I know , glad you got in though & hope you are putting your feet up & relaxing now :-)





Hi whywhy, i loved it and he's been moving around alot more, or shed i say i can feel him alot more :-) i will defintatly be letting u know wen in in labour and the pics of him after. I do lock myself out alot but it irratates me wen i know ive housework to do like it did today lol the main thing about today was my green pregnancy book wa inside and i needed them to c midwife. Im going to relax in the bath in abit in feeling abit anxious. I got the OH into the voice last night he watched it on catch up. I had to explain the show to him. He ended up laughing at will i am as he fools the others and pressed his button at last minute lol xxx


Hiya sounds like a busy day! I've got two kids one twelve and one thirteen month the baby was very much a suprise but without a doubt the most amazing blessing. I unfortunately had severe postnatal depression (had it before so I was expecting it) and struggled getting back onto my meds I was in therapy throughout my pregnancy and had regular visits from cpn until my little one was about six months and I felt better. I suppose what I'm trying to say is try not to worry too much because as bad as I got, my first instinct was still as a mother. anxiety or not our love for our kids far outreaches anything else!

my very best wishes to you and good luck.

Eva x


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