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Bad days

Having a real bad couple of days, :( yesterday and today been so convinced by my thoughts and physical symptoms that I'm going to pass out (which is my biggest phobia) the feelings hve been so intense I have been unable to concentrate and unable to sit still, my body constantly trying to run away from what's happening! I jus wonder if it's ever going to go :( x

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Hi scooby1234, sorry your feeling so bad, ive had a bad few days last week and felt like i was at the bottom of a dark hole with my hormones all over the place on my period. i also read some stuff on facebook that brought back some unhappy memories.......just a negitive week really fell out with my partner, as if anxiety and depression on its own is not bad enough. i dont go out alot on my own becouse i have a major fear of passing out so i can relate to you there. it will get better or at least improve and you can always chat to me while your waiting:) x


Hi sam, thanks for replying, sorry to hear you're suffering too, it's reassuring to know people experience similiar can understand! I have extremely anxious these last two days, fear of dread comes over me and I'm so convinced something awful is going to happen :( the feeling of feeling faint is awful I get to the point where I feel unable to walk or stand! I don go anywhere on my own, anxiety has robbed me of my independence! I'm here if you need to chat also x


Hi Scooby,

I'm sorry to hear you're having such a bad time at the minute. I think it's so hard to try to get away from those feelings. When I've had them, I've pushed myself to do things, anything, even if it's cleaning the dishes or hoovering. Anything that takes my mind away from what I'm feeling. I do a quick pulse check for a minute to check my heart beat is OK, and I think to myself, as long as that is OK I'm alive and kicking and can do everything I need to.

I hope you feel better.



Hi Mandy, how are you doing at the moment? Thanks

For replying, just having bad time at moment, you're definitely right in what you're saying it's all Bout distracting your mind I just sometimes find this really difficult because the feelings are too overwhelming! I hvr been at work last two days and iv been bad, iv found it so hard s

To concentrate ! I need to keep reminding myself that although I felt so awful nothing did actually happen and I'm trying to hold on to that! X


Hi everybody, when "my angels are dancing" (thats what I call it as I dont like black dog etc} I take a lorazapan. I find it settles me, and I also write down just how I feel and that helps me enormously. I hope that today is a better day. As Scooby said nothing horrid will happen. I ask my angels to help me


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