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Panic ? on waking from sleep

I keep feeling really odd on waking from sleep. I feel disorientated like where am I, and like my eyes don't focus. Then I feel really panicked and get the white hot poker feelings going down my body. It's as if I'm trapped between sleeping and waking. Usually it happens when I'm woken up by someone or something else. It's a really horrible feeling and it's happening during naps too :-( Any ideas what it is and how to help it go away? Thanks

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I can't help really but to say you're not alone as I quite often wake up in that state.

Just part of the general anxiety which is affecting us all I guess.


Hi Ruby. Is that your only anxiety symptom? If you're not a general sufferer then it may be a sleep condition rather than an anxiety disorder. I occasionally suffer from sleep paralysis (usually only when I'm ill or really stressed) which makes me think I'm awake but can't move or open my eyes. It's horrible and makes me feel really paranoid. My partner (who doesn't suffer from anxiety) had the same thing when he took a certain asthma medication. Just something to bear in mind if otherwise you're feeling quite balanced! Hope you find something to help with it.


Hi Ruby, I had small symptoms like this before my first anxiety attack. This happened for around a month and I was getting next to no sleep as I would wake myself up and stay awake all night just so it didn't keep happening. I would find that I would fall asleep and wake up feeling as though my heart had stopped, I didn't know what was going on, I struggled to breathe. Initially I found it really hard to cope with but soon I just breathed through it and I can go back to sleep now. I just take nice deep, relaxed breaths and the panic subsides.



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