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It’s back again!


Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while as my anxiety hasn’t been bad at all, I really thought this nightmare was over....

I’m at work at the moment and a weird feeling came over me, now I just feel like I’m here but I’m not really here (if anyone gets that) I just feel really funny - does anyone else experience this? I’ve also got a tight chest! 😫

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The 'I'm not really here' feeling is called Derealisation, it's your mind trying to distance you from a stressful situation, many people here have experienced it. The best thing is not to fight it, not to stress about it, not to obsess about it or you generate lots of fear hormone which makes it stay. Just accept it for the time being, just let it run its course and stay cool and sooner or later it will pass. I find that strong fluorescent lights like in supermarkets or brightly lit offices can bring it on but I ignore it and because I don't fear it then it passes.

Aimeelplant in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks Jeff! I think I’m being even more paranoid because I fell over a couple of weeks ago and have a lump on the back of my head but I got it checked from the doctors and they said it was fine! I need to accept and allow these feelings I know I can do it!!

All the time ! In fact that’s how I feel right now it’s like tunnel vision but at the same time I feel weak and shaky and my hands feel funny 😩

Aimeelplant in reply to MarkW83

I’ve never had it before but lately I’ve been having it a lot. It’s worse of a night I feel like I’m really confused... just another thing anxiety has to offer I suppose. The nightmare never seems to end.

I hope it passes soon for you...

MarkW83 in reply to Aimeelplant

I’ve had it on and off for 8 years. You will soon get used to it and it will make you so much stronger as a person but it’s not nice at all but just know your not alone and if you ever want to talk send me a message or something

Aimeelplant in reply to MarkW83

Thanks Mark, really appreciate it!! X

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