Taking Steps

Well yesterday I took a major step for me in my confidence, anxiety and general lifestyle...I attended a yoga class...

I know that sounds pretty simple but I guess I suffer with low self esteem. I walk into those places and see everyone looking well, healthy and happy and feel paranoid, like everyone is looking at me and thinking I don't belong there. But I went with a friend and bit the bullet...

So yeah, yoga is hard!! I read that yoga was all about releasing your mind of negative energy, becoming one with your body through breath etc...lord it hurt! It made me realise how unhealthy I actually am but I could feel the difference it was making to my body instantly.

Ridiculously yesterday was the first time I was feeling the effects of anxiety again. During the tougher poses my chest started to hurt because I was obviously putting my body through its paces. I had an initial panic but soon calmed myself down. Then when I got home my heart started racing a bit and fluttering. I'd obviously put my body through something it wasn't used to so I was starting to develop aches and pains I hadn't experienced in a long time. I went to bed with the flutters but I managed to get to sleep and this morning I am fine.

I just have to keep on pushing through it. I think I am over the worst and it will pop up when I least expect it to but now I know I can fight the symptoms off.



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5 Replies

  • hey well done what a massive achievement.and your right you have to keep pushing through and you will get there x

  • That's brilliant well done!!! :) x x

  • Well done :D been thinking of doing yoga myself (despite being 6ft 4, logistical issues?!) i've heard it can really help after the first few attempts.

  • well done :) xxx

  • Hi everyone, thank you :) I thought I would blog about it as a few people had asked me to let them know how it went.

    F-Shadow1, I'd definitely reccomend :) we plan to go again next week. It was painful for the first go and it's amazing how much strength you need in some poses but you can feel the effects straight away and it actually felt quite nice in an odd way. I can't say it helped me relax as such. I think I just can't switch off. I was still thinking about what to make for tea and what I had to do during the week when we had the meditation bit at the end. Lol.


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