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How I Beat GAD In 6 Steps

Hi everyone. I also have a video on this but thought these words will give some deeper understanding to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If someone is under constant chronic stress the adrenal glands as well as the sympathetic nervous system (helps activate the fight or flight response) in the body become overstimulated, which in fact is the main contributor to that feeling of inability to relax and having a mind that wont stop racing.

Unfortunately many people because of their desperation to end their uncontrollable symptoms of anxiety and the fear of losing control of their mind, tend to look for a quick fix in the form of abusing anti anxiety prescription pills or turn to alcohol for the answers, although these quick fix solutions may feel great at the time, the human body tends to need higher doses of prescription pills in the long run to meet the same result you had when you first started, and alcohol can greatly backfire in the long run for overly anxious people (more on this later), since panic attacks generally go hand in hand with GAD, alcohol will stop your body from working at a peak level, due to the minerals and nutrients your body needs that will now be moved to the liver to help it metabolize the alcohol faster. T

This leads to a hangover the day after, and dehydration leads to a cause of panic attacks and stresses your body out.

GAD and Panic is the result of a physiological tendency to over worry for an extended period of time and the clearest way to overcome GAD and to get to a regular level of anxiety (which is in fact much needed in daily life), is to follow the 6 steps below:

1) Complete Acceptance – Accepting that what you have is related to anxiety and nothing more

2) Becoming Knowledgable – Educating yourself about Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks and how and why they happen

3) Building On Facts – Building confidence and self esteem from looking at your current and past fears, and recognizing that none of them have come true and won't come true

4) Taking Action – Making an action plan and implementing it so that your new daily rituals/routines add fuel to what your overall goal is, complete recovery from an anxiety disorder

5) Accepting Setbacks – Realizing that 2 steps forward and one step back is still putting you on the right track, negative thoughts, physical sensations of anxiety and panic attacks WILL creep up from time to time but see them as just a bump on the road, and nothing more

6) Patience – there is no set time that recovery will be achieved so be ready to work with time, let it pass and don't judge your progress by each day but see it as week to week, remember that anyone who ever wanted to achieve a goal did it in time and not in an instant

By recognizing how we're adding to our high anxiety levels and what causes panic attacks, we can

gain much confidence and stop the cycle of panic before it gets going to the point where it gets difficult to control. We become who we are through our daily rituals, so by changing our daily rituals to help us have a safer view of the world and add to our positive health, we are also cutting the supply lines that add to our GAD and Panic attacks.

The mindset we approach our recovery with is very important, by looking at recovery as a long term plan we become less disappointed in temporary setbacks. As we gradually approach our fears and overcome them we build on facts that help us realize the truth to all our worries, and that is what we fear most will not come true.

The Anxiety Guy Podcast Link -

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Well you've overcome everything it seems.... apart from being and sounding like a right know all.


Hi jill06, I totally agree with you. He is a wonderful person in taking the time and knowledge to pass forward to help others.

Could you advise me please as to how to join his group. I am not internet savvy and when I go to the site it tells me to subscribe to ITunes. The word

subscribe scares me. Does it cost anything? I was looking for a place to like,

register but don't seem to be able to find that. If you could tell me exactly what to do, I'd appreciate it. I'm glad he is putting things on this site but feel I could get even more out of it from being on his. Thank you. I hope today is

a better day for you. Wishing you well.

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Hi Agora! The community group is here - Looking forward to you joining and sharing your own future success stories :)


How much is it to join?

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Free of course.


I agree with it all, However, it also all sounds like a perfect world! You do realise that No.1 is probably one of the hardest things? Even to this day I will get a chest pain so uncomfortable that I just can't ignore it and hope that I am correct.

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Yep. I know how difficult it is, but it sure is a good road map rather than dwelling over our symptoms daily.


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