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Hi ladies

Just a question re menstrual cycle.....my periods are normally pretty regular, but over the last two months they have become much more irratic. This does tie in with the time I started with all this anxiety I am currently experiencing. But it really doesn't help as the major one for me is health anxiety! Anyone else experienced anything similar? Thanks so much for your help :)


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  • Hi yes mine where regular then when I started with the anxiety I missed one but then had 2 regular ones and this time its late but can feel it coming.

  • HI anxiety will send your cycle up the wall, thats pretty normal and as thing settle down so will the periods. x

  • I also find my anxiety gets worse the week before and the week Im on.I hate the feeling

  • I go completely off the wall with anxiety and OCD about two days before my period. Hate it too!

  • Its not fair on us women pmt and anxiety

  • any ladies got any tips remedies to help with anxiety when its that time of the month

  • You could try taking starflower oil regularly (every day), also Vit B complex is meant to help?

  • Hi take vitamin b will try the starflower oil thank you

  • Hi

    Since I had this breakdown my period is not the same even I m on pill.i think is got to do with my emotions of the moment.but I would check with gp.hugs

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