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For the ladies

Im having a very hard time sleeping im so exhausted and everytime i fall asleep anxiety jolts me awake ive already woken up out my sleep in a full blown attack heart racing ,pacing around the room mind racing. This is 3 days before my period could it be the hormones that could be the problem. Im also having weird arm pain i hate this so much im exhausted and cannot sleep.

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I had this when my anxiety first started eveytime I drifted off I would jolt back awake as I was afraid to go to sleep in case I did not wake up! Had pain everywhere in my body separately at some point convinced it was life threatening and that all started 3 years ago and I'm still here to tell the tale. Are u on any medication for your anxiety? X


Thank u no im not on any medication i try to handle it on my own


My period does this to me all the time , tell yourself I know why it is happening and try to stay in that positive thought.. repeat over and over again.. if U know why and can manage the symptoms it will be easier for u to move forward or deal with the situation. Remember the moment will pass eventually. Don’t let anxiety win or control u . Try to distract your mind. I know it’s hard but u can do it and I am here


Thank u so much crystal


I have this! My anxiety has been so bad the past couple of days and this morning my period started.

I hate the nights when you go to sleep and jolt awake, it is literally the worst! Literally cannot get back to sleep. This happens to me a lot and I don’t know how to stop it.

I have tried to control my anxiety myself but lately I feel so drained I’m considering taking the tablets the doctor prescribed.

I really hope you feel better soon xx


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