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Anxious in the shops

Today I went shopping in Bangor. I was with my dad who has little understanding of the anxiety disorder and so when I have a panic attack with him im on my own because he always stressing me out more when he tries to help.

I felt sick on the way to bangor and had really bad tummy pains. It was so bad i considered telling him to drive me home again but that would draw attention to me and I didnt want that so i kept quiet. When I got to Bangor the anxiety actually eased some. No many queues about today either which was blissful.

As always though I stayed with my dad as we walked around the shops just so i wasnt alone.

Overall, still got dizzy. I still got bad tummy pains but I still went out :)

Im happy, it's like an achievement :P

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well done amazing achievement you should be proud x


well done cathy by carrying on and not rushing back home you controlled the anxiety rather than letting it control you, ive been doing the same thing recentley and feel much better for it, use your positive memory from today next time you go out and feel anxious to help spur you on, well done x


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