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Has anyone heard screaming?

I was lying in bed the other night, trying to get to sleep, and all of the sudden I heard piercing murderous screaming in my head as if it was happening right infront of me. It sounded like it was at least 4 people basically being killed is the best way to describe it. It lasted about half an hour I was shaking and crying before it stopped. Has anyone else experienced this?

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When you say it lasted about half an hour, do you mean that it was constant/non-stop for that half an hour - even if you got out of bed, or was it sudden bursts over a period of about half an hour?


It was constantly there no matter what I done, I got up and tried walking around but I was still experiencing just as bad


Sounds very upsetting. No, I've never heard of that. If it was intermittent, and abated when you got out of bed - it could have been this -

Let's hope what you had was a one-off.


HI, are you on any meds as they can have strange side effects? x


I had a similar thing when I was a kid that has been attributed to childhood anxiety, but with me it was shouting voices. First of all, in case you're worrying, this is not a sign of a more serious illness as far as I'm aware :) A sign of a more serious illness would be if you actually thought other people were screaming inside your head etc - i.e. if you were unable to tell the screaming was your imagination.

So just to abate any worries about that! Like I say, I did have shouting voices in my head when I was a kid that started when I was in bed and continued for around half and hour even after getting out of bed and running to find my parents. It was extremely frightening and I'm glad it doesn't happen anymore, but in my case I'm pretty certain it was anxiety. Another possibility would be normal hallucinations as you fall asleep - a lot of people experience these, regardless of mental illness. But this would have stopped once you were fully awake.

You could ask a doctor if you're worried, but I don't think you need to be too freaked out!


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