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reacurring anxiety problems

hi everyone , ive sufferd with anxiety for over 10 years now and have had pretty much every sensiation and symptom known to man , what i want to know is , has anybody actually every totally got over a health anxiety?, ive had cbt which was very sucessful and had spells of time where anxiety levels are low but as soon as i hit a stressful period in my life , bang its comes back with a vengence, ive got to the point now where its totally getting on my nerves, i know what im experencing and i understand it but i cant stop it from coming back, ive even started counselling training to get a better understanding off the human brain and why we think the way we do, i just want to be rigd of this horrible debilatating disorder and live a fuller life , i love to hear of some true storys of real people actually overcoming and recoverying fully xxxxxxxx

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I was free of health anxiety for about nine years but sadly it's come back - and worse than ever.

Will it ever go for good - I thought it had, but no, it's slipped back into my life.

From what I understood from my counseling in 1996, it'll always be with you but it's recognising not only the symptoms but the triggers as well.

I do understand why mine has come back, but that doesn't help me when I'm in the throws of some wild fear red alert over a perceived illness I have just discovered.


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