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DPDR, death anxiety, feeling like i will die Soon

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hey there :) i hope to find some Comfort Here.. im dealing with Bad panic attacks, DPDR, OCD, death Anxiety. I had a very bad panic attack 2 months ago and since then i am thinking i will die soon, god is giving me a sign or something.. This constant feeling, especially in the Nightime.. its so so Bad :( please Help me .. is it from anxiety or really just a sign?

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Hello, you're not alone. I'm on my third or fourth month of this. I'm keeping an eye on when people share experiences like this on a couple forums and the anxiety subreddit. I too have OCD and have had the feeling I was going to die soon a lot lately. I've even had dreams about it and voices in my head saying it. I haven't been formally diagnosed with anything besides OCD but the voices in my head thing isn't abnormal. Anyway! I wanted to say that many, many other people on here and various other places on the internet have shared the exact same experience. I know that it's giving into compulsions in a sense when OCD is involved, but at the same time I think it's important to know that you're very very likely not actually dying.

I've even saved a list of like 30 people who have gone through the same thing and been alive years later. Multiple people even on this forum have posted about thinking it's a sign from God. Most of them have posts years later.

I know it feels so real and absolutely awful in the moment you're experiencing it, but you are not alone! I'm always available to chat if you'd ever like to reach out and have someone just listen, and I will respond as soon as I'm able if you do. That goes for anyone who reads this and is having a hard time with this issue.

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Hi Alwaysthankful123.... I doubt that God is giving you a sign but as for Anxiety??

that's a different issue. It sounds like it started with that Panic Attack 2 months ago.

They can be vicious both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, once they're over,

it can leave us with an anticipational anxiety and play over and over in our mind.

DPDR, OCD and Death Anxiety all stem from our basic fears. Addressing the root of

the fear is a way to go about releasing it's hold on you.

CBT and Relaxation Meditation can help put your mind in a better place.

Facing your fears is better than sweeping them under the carpet.

Medication and Talk Therapy can help break that cycle of your fears.

The constant feeling of anxiety is there because you haven't accepted

these sensations as NOT dangerous. The more fear you put into the negative

thoughts, the more disturbing the thoughts will get. Talking with a therapist

who deals in Death Anxiety can help immensely in finding ways in allowing you

to live and not just exist. :) xx

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You really do need to talk these issues through with a good psychotherapist. It is partially adapting to a more positive mental attitude. After a stroke I read that I had a 40% greater chance of a second stroke within five years, but the therapist helped me to understand that means I have a 60% chance of NOT having another one!

That is a trivial and simple example but a good psychotherapist can help you get to the source of your fears and anxiety and also retrain you into positive attitudes. But it is not easy to find a really good psychotherapist, as there are so many frauds around only doing it for the money.

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It's quite common that your panic attack made you feel like you were dying because it was your fight or flight response that was triggered that is there to protect you. The problem is that it was malfunctioning and now you have to learn how to reset it and convince yourself that you are safe. You can do this by learning to allow the anxious feeling to flow through you and dissipate and to not believe the anxious thoughts because you know they are lies. Learning what is really going on and how to constructively deal with it helps lessen the fear about it. I suggest getting the DARE Anxiety book and their youtube videos for dealing with the panic/anxiety and also the website/youtubes of Matthew Codde at restoredminds.com and Paige Pradko's website and youtube videos. They both are therapists who had OCD and anxiety and healed themselves and now help others heal. You may also find therapy helpful for helping you determine why and how you developed your panic attacks, it can sometimes be caused by repressing painful emotions which need to be processed. Ultimately it's up to you and each of us to feel safe in our own bodies. therapy can be beneficial but the more you learn about what is going on for you and how to deal with it the quicker you will heal.

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It's not a sign just an uncomfortable emotion that really sucks. Maybe try some kind of therapy that trains your mind to think positively instead of predicting the worst.

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