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anxiety question

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can you still have anxiety symptoms without being anxious… like body twitches and brain fog?

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Sadly yes

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Hi,Anxiety comes in many forms (symptoms) and levels (low, moderate or intense).

Each person who suffers with anxiety has their own anxiety profile due to biology, history and the environmental factors.

Don't forget that anxiety is often linked with depression. They can occur together.

You can work out your own profile by listing your symptoms and rating each of them out of 10. You profile should also include treatment and self help management that you currently use and consider what hasn't worked in the past.

I hope this helps 🦘

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Yes, when you're often anxious or stressed your stress hormones rise and even if you're not anxious you still get its symptoms, bcuz your stress hormones are still high. I feel like for them to go away you need to live stress,anxiety free for at least a month. Speaking from experience

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In my experience over very many decades, you don't necessarily feel 'anxious' when you have anxiety symptoms and often it is the symptoms that generate the anxiety. It becomes a self fulfilling 'prediction'. I suffer a lot after a stroke two years ago and permanent/persistent AF from brain fog and body twitching, but despite medications for anxiety (now mostly ended) my BP can still surge for no other reason other than a sort of sub conscious panic when I feel particularly ill. Perhaps it is not helpful to 'label' these things as 'anxiety' or AF when it is all just a very complex interaction between the parasympathetic nervous system and the nervous system as a whole and lots of chemicals in our brains. As one psychiatrist explained it to me, 'AF of itself is going to make you anxious and possibly trigger a panic attack'.

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Sfqueen in reply to oscarfox49

Omg yes my symptoms definitely generate my anxiety

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Yes!…..the problem with anxiety long term…is it uses up the mineral magnesium…which is required by every cell to help the atp create energy…and every muscle fiber to help them relax….the more uptight you become…the less magnesium you have in reserve….the more anxious you become…the more symptoms you notice.Muscle twitches especially around the eye are very often due to low magnesium and often the body will draw from the bones enough to correct this…but it’s quicker to take in supplement form or increase magnesium rich foods like dark chocolate, spinach etc.

Sadly serum levels of circulating magnesium is about 1% …39% reside in tissue and 60%in the bones…so a normal blood test never really shows a substantial number…hence doctors never place any importance on this mineral when addressing anxiety related problems…but if you were to increase your in take…you would feel so much more relaxed…and less anxious…sadly our diets are very poor in this mineral these days…which is why so many have this syndrome.

When my anxiety levels become overwhelming I start to increase my magnesium intake….it works every time…

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I’ve had full body twitching since 2007. The event that caused my anxiety back then is long gone but the twitches remain. Not as bad but still there. I just ignore them now and accept it as how my body functions post-anxiety inducing event. Somatic symptoms of anxiety don’t always resolve 100%.

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Thank you for sharing. Anxiety can come in different ways. You don't always have to be concious that you are anxious about something. Many times, I have a strange feeling and have the brain fog you mentioned. They go along with anxiety and depression. What helps me is first being aware of how I am feeling. Then trying to figure out if something has triggered me to feeling bad. I then take time to do my concious deep breathing, and try to take my focus off of how I am feeling and onto something positive going on in my life. I love doing a celebrations journal because it distracts my mind from the anxious to something more encouraging and valuable to me. I will be praying for you and if you ever need to chat feel free to pm me. I understand the struggles with anxiety and depression. Hugs and God Bless

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Yes. It’s called learned behavior.

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