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anxiety triggers

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I wish I knew what triggers my anxiety I am watching tv with my daughter and out of the blue I start to feel dizzy ugh

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I also have no idea what triggers my anxiety. I can be perfect one second and feeling so odd the next and all I want to do then is sit and stairs off 😪

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It could be that it is just anticipatory anxiety which is the fear of the feelings and thoughts of anxiety itself which is quite common for people to develop after having a panic or anxiety attack. The thought (fear) of the anxiety can happen so quickly that you aren't even aware of it.

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Hi. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of shallow breathing without realising you're doing it then bam headspin 😕

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Often anxiety is something that sits in our subconcious, all these thoughts and worries that we push to the side and will come out at the strangest times. Maybe sit down and write a list of things that are worrying you. I used to do this and would be amazed at everything I wrote down, sometimes it was a lot.

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Anything that causes your anxiety to rise can trigger an anxiety attack. Or anxiety can strike in the absence of triggers, just arrive out of a clear blue sky. I wouldn't worry about triggers, I would concentrate on healing the cause: a sensitised nervous system.

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Sometimes even if you're not anxious you can get its symptoms. Like for me like I'm not anxious,but then I remember that I have anxiety and I start to worry about getting a panic attack bcuz I have anxiety and it's like a never ending cycle 😂

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symptoms and panics don't come out of the blue they have to be feed by inflamatory thoughts

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Gigglingrandma in reply to flaxxy703

Which can happen in a split second. I have had panic and anxiety 24/7 for 54 years.

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flaxxy703 in reply to Gigglingrandma

i hear you

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