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Anxiety triggers a cramping feeling in the body which destroys my life


My anxiety is always coming with a cramping feeling in my upper abdomen. It affects my breathing and eating. It constantly reminds me that something is wrong and even when I manage to distract myself is makes me think about a bad stuff again and again. This clip explains it better

I am using the dissolving anxiety exercise now and it does work for me. I wonder how it works on others. Has anyone tried it?

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Hi Kwadi,

I find that thinking happy thoughts, sitting calmly, breathing & relaxing really helps. Also exercise does me the world of good, to help me forget the thoughts of anxiety!

You quite right I also find a physical exercising very helpful. I swim 3-4 times a week and it helps a lot. The dissolving anxiety exercise I mentioned earlier is a mind not physical exercise. It takes up to 15 minutes and is quite simple. I think many people struggle with various physical feelings with follow anxiety. They could try the exercise to see what happens when the physical feeling of anxiety is gone.

Could you explain the exercise? x

I choose the feeling I do not want to have and I find the thought which is connected to this feeling (or sometimes the thought is first and the feeling is second). Than I do the exercise and it really happens. I can think about the same thing (usually related to my extremely busy work) and I do not feel the feeling.

The exercise definitely quiets my mind in seconds and makes me feeling very relaxed. It does not put me in hypnotic trance (I was always too scared to try hypnosis). It repeatedly asks you to feel you hands, lips, tongue and feeling.

Something tells me that it wold be easier if you just try it yourself. It is free :)

Thanks Kwadi,

Sounds interesting x

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