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Is weak Arms and legs a sign of anxiety I have very bad anxiety I don’t know what to do about it saw my cardiologist everything was fine

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My arms and legs feel weak especially after I exercise two strenuously and I get myself so anxious is weak arms and legs a sign of anxiety went to my cardiologist two days ago and everything checked out he said I probably have anxiety which I know I do seeing a psychologist about it but just would like to know if anybody else getsThis weakness in the arms and legs

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Try to exercise a bit less. Overdoing it can l eave the muscles a little shaky. In addition, it cane be caused by anxiety. I sometimes have a feeling of weakness in my inner thighs snd inner arms. I have mostly learned to ignore it. It usually lasts half a day and then goes away for a few months.

Hi Sophia! Definitely. When I am anxious I can become lightheaded and my arms and legs go weak.

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Thank You so much for responding

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Yes definitely anxiety have it all the time accept pay no attention to it . I have it a lot when anxious .

i began exercising a year ago, my arm muscle started getting weak at times and easy off at rest, i went to see doctors but everything was fine, every time i over work my arm it gets weak, no heart pain or chest issues just weakness, but i started taking clolophyll plus guarana and it helped me a lot.... plus stem cells,.... hope you get better too... much love🥰

Jelly arms and legs are common with anxiety. Best to rule out the obvious, but it’s very common with anxiety.

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Thank you just hearing that it is common helps me

SOPHIA, please make sure you are well hydrated after exercising. That may help :) xx

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