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Social anxiety, People judging

Hey I’m new here, So gonna start with I haven’t been out by myself in 3 years. Covid really didn’t help and haven’t really met anyone (friends). Friday just gone I had the opportunity to go out and find out how I’d be on a motorbike. Something i want to do. I kept saying I’ll meet ya but things keep cropping up. But Friday I was free, so I said yeah why not. I was fine until a hour before meeting him. I was with my boss before hand, who I think highly of. Helped me understand what I have. Once I got in my car (which is tracked) I headed towards his house. I had to pull up in a garage and got so overwhelmed with it all. Crying, panicking, shortness of breath and sweating. I phoned another friend from work and he helped me calm down told me to go home or do it. Which helped. Only that I’m going back to work tomorrow and don’t want people to judge me. Judging me as it was a male co worker. I’d hate for them to do that. As I don’t want a bad reputation. Maybe they won’t judge. Once I was out I was ok, met few new people 2 but can’t help to think that people will treat me different. I just want friends!

I also get this when I’m at home going out alone, if I’m at home, I probably won’t leave. Do you think I should take medication? Since I put on a bit of weight I now blush very easy and then embarrassment kicks in. Does medication help a lot?

Thanks for your help

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hi if you feel you`ve tried everything to try and manage your issues without success then maybe you can have a chat with the doc about medication.

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VegasChar in reply to kenster1

SO AGREE! Why live like this! I take mine as I have severe GAD! I do not know what I would do without them but I also do many natural vitamins and breathe but it and depression runs rampant in my family!

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