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My aunt passed away yesterday and her funeral is next Saturday. The family will be there and my dad wants me to come, but I haven’t travelled in so long due to anxiety. I get bad physical anxiety symptoms that last almost a week after my initial anxiety response; fast heart rate, short of breath, light/headedness, fatigue, etc. The pandemic hasn’t made it any better. I have anxiety taking medication, so that doesn’t help me either. I want to go, but my i’m really scared to travel and be away from home. My dad doesn’t know i’m still suffering from anxiety, as last time I tried to talk to him about it, he didn’t take it seriously and kind of yelled at me for being lazy, and it hurt my feelings. I’m afraid to tell him the real reason. He said he understands if I don’t come, but that’s only because of the pandemic. I don’t know what to do or say.

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Honestly, it's so dangerous to travel with covid I would say that. It's certainly not a made up excuse.

suzie482 in reply to Luna_Child

Agreed, covid is a perfectly reasonable reason not to travel

stovall1992 in reply to suzie482

you guys are amazing, thank you. I totally agree. I just felt bad because I know some people are traveling, so I didn’t want my family to think that since their traveling, then I can do. But you guys made me feel 10 times better.

marsbarr in reply to stovall1992

I know as bad as I would like to travel to visit my daughter. i cant. Why? Because I'm scared. So many people get sick from gatherings. So covid/anxiety keeps me put. All those that dont understand I'm sorry. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt.

stovall1992 in reply to marsbarr

thank you for your condolences. Dealing with covid, on top of anxiety as well, is awful. My friend’s father died from covid, and she completely understands why I don’t want to travel. I’m sorry you can’t visit your daughter right now. I hope you can see her soon.

Trust me, I also suffer, with travel anxiety, dont Go...I left my house for the first time, four weeks ago, to Travel to a Cousins Funeral...I went out of Guilt...I had a massive panic attack, because we drove through a forest, which overwhelmed me....I freaked my Grand-Son out, as he had not witnessed me in that state/fear before. I relived that journey for a week afterwards. Also covid, rules only allow a certain number of people.....

stovall1992 in reply to noddy1

Thank you so much. I’m so sorry you had a panic attack. That’s what i’m afraid will happen to me. The side of the family I would have been with has never seen me with anxiety, and I don’t know how they would act. I told my dad that won’t be able to go. I feel bad, and I could tell he was disappointed, but I think he understood.

The funeral is Saturday, and I am feeling so bad and guilty. I really want to go, but anticipating anxiety is getting to me

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