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Hey guys this is my first post but I really need support. I developed agoraphobia a year ago after having a horrible vertigo spell at work, and never returned. Anxiety is something I have struggled with my entire life and a culmination of things created a disaster. I refused to get out of bed, I was terrified of leaving my apartment and had been jobless and broke the entire time. I was starting to get better after some therapy but then about 2 months ago I got into a horrible car accident and my girlfriend and I broke up (3 years living together) and she moved out. Needless to say- all that progress was lost and I feel worse with my panic attacks than ever. They last about 3-8 hours! Tomorrow I start a new job meaning 30 minute public transportation and actually being out of the house... I need the money but it feels like I will never be able to handle 5 minutes away from home. I don't know how to get over the panic I'm on medication and doing therapy but it is relentless and it feels like it is impossible for me to get better :( I at least want to be able to go to work

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Can you take a small dose of a tranquilizer for the first trip and morning of work.

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Yes I have some medication but im at a low dose. I have to gradually take more over the course of 2 months

Hi, I had agoraphobia for about 2 years after my brother was murdered. I began therapy with a psychologist. One of the things that helped me the most was to do a muscle check. Usually when you begin to have a panic attack all of your muscles are tense. Start with the feet and tighten the muscles and release move up the body doing that all the way to your scalp. You'll begin to release the tension and it'll hopefully help put you in a more relaxed state and also gets your thoughts onto the muscles and not your breathing etc. Anticipatory anxiety is what I had to deal with too. So you must try and think about how well things will go instead of how bad they will go. There's a good book about anxiety too. It's "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. I hope this helps at least a little bit. I'm so sorry you are experiencing this. It's not easy.

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Thank you so much for this, it feels impossible to get through I mean even the thought of leaving sends me into a panic attack. Acceptance sucks. But you're right it is the only way

Hi there, these things do get better, in my experience with medication, therepy and gradual exposure. It is horrible, I'm sorry you are going through this. Gradual exposure will help retrain your brain to recognise that being outside, or away from home is ok and safe. I think dealing with anxiety is the hardest thing anyone can go through, you will get through this though. X

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I guess I need to listen to my therapist and actually go on those walks around the block... it seems pointless but there's a reason for it

I feel for you. Try to force yourself out though, once you get out there you will begin to feel better. Trust me i’ve been there, but the world doesn’t stop and if you don’t get out there it will only het worse for you. GOOD LUCK, YOU GOT THIS!

Thank you so much, I wasn't expecting any responses but you and everyone else gave me hope that I can get better :)

I went through a really rough patch, couldn’t leave the house, used to walk into stores and walk right back out. The combo of therapy & light medication has brought me back to life. You will het through it

I am going through this as well right now. I’ve been using calming vitamins, bought a Calmigo, starting with a new therapist in 2 weeks who is a big believer in exposure therapy which I’m nervous about but willing to try. My agoraphobia stems from trauma so we are going to be dealing with that too. One day at a time

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As bad as it sounds, I am super glad I'm not alone. I need people to talk to who understand my issues and I have kind of been wanting an exposure buddy where we check in every day talking about the exposures. Don't know if you are down for that but I am :) My agoraphobia also stems from trauma, and was kick started again after the car accident after doing so well.

Hi, sorry to hear of your situation. I’m not sure if this will be helpful. I read a lot and have come across causes of agoraphobia a few times. I believe that it can be a misinterpretation of a fear of open spaces or going outside. But rather the cause is issue with a deeper anxiety of something else which will trigger your anxiety when leaving your home. Whether people, certain places, or something that can only only be faced with on the outside, rather than the comfort of home. I can only say if any help is to possibly ( easy for me to say, i know) is whenever you leave your home, maybe keep track or a record , at what point the anxiety symptoms become overwhelming. For example, if getting on a bus, or entering a supermarket, or fear of embarrassment in public, people staring or feeling people judging you. Maybe crossing the road. If anything that may relate to a past event which caused some negative feeling at the time. My cousin has the same or similar anxiety symptoms. After a few months he notice a similar situation at which his symptoms got to panic attack levels. Which wasn’t a situation he even considered. You see a slight hesitant look sometimes on leaving his house. Though he has started to go out often, and play with his kid finally. No one could tell me years ago the possibilities of getter better. But understanding the intricate fight or flight process can be a large help towards progress. You probably know most of what I’ve said, but from personal experience and reading your story, I really hope you find a connection or path to getting rid of your anxiety issues, and find some Genuine happiness in life. Sorry if I’ve gone on a bit. All the best mate. 👍pad46

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