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New meember

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Would like to find out more especially what I can do for pain as I have damaged nerve ending at the base of my spine and get really bas pain when trying to do easy houswork which frustrates me

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Hi Amberlilly I'm sorry to hear about your chronic pain issues. Since we are not doctors,we can't specifically get into medications short of what we may have taken ourselves.

However, there are Pain Management doctors who may have a whole array of tools for

those in chronic pain.

Anywhere from Electrical Stimulation, Braces/Support, Water Therapy and my favorite

being Meditation/Breathing exercises. Having the Mind/Body calmer can have a positive

impact on the pain center. I don't remember the last time I've taken a 325mg Tylenol for

anything. (Yes, even a small dose like that, I don't need) The mind is a powerful tool that

can have an immense effect on our bodily symptoms.

Always, check with your doctor in regards to doing things on your own. My best to you :) xx

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Thank you

You might find the Pain Concern site here on HU helpful and perhaps pelvic pain support network on here also. I’m a member of both . I’ve sent you a PM

Thank you

Have you thought about fixing two magnets onto your underwear… one either side? Need the small special therapeutic ones. Look on the internet.

I am sorry to hear that you are in pain suffering a lot. I have neuropathy and for me when I control my stress and I alter what I eat my pain is a lot less. I know it is a lot of work but mindset and what you eat can affect inflammation. I don't know what medicines to take but I would consult a pain management doctor that will give you tips. There is also this app called curable that talks about pain and ways to cope. I just started it so I don't know how well it works and it does cost money. I hope you find some pain relief soon.

I taken two aleve in the morning and two Aleve at night for 11 yrs.Only thing out there that got rid of my back pain and arthritis pain but everyone's different. It can upset your stomach at first so I had to take a round of Prilosec. And then it was never a problem.

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