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Lexapro And anxiety

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Does anyone know if you start on 5 mg of Lexapro for anxiety and then I have the two months go to 10 mg how long it takes before you see a big improvementWith your anxiety

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Hi SOPHIA24, It shouldn't take that long once the drug is in your system (which ithas been for 2 months) I'm on Lexapro and with an increase I noticed it within a week

or so. Each one of us is different but once the drug reaches full efficacy, you will start

to reap the benefits from it.

Wishing you well. Stay Positive. We're here to support you :) xx

All I can say is that Lexapro made me EXTREMELY hungry. I'd eat a full meal and be hungry again in an hour. I went off of it immediately.

Hi Sophia24.. I started on 5mg and continued it for 6 weeks, then my Doc upped the dose to 10mg. In my case, the initial 2 weeks on 5mg was difficult ..i mean increased anxiety, thirsty and restlessness. It took me a complete 8 weeks (6 weeks on 5 mg and 2 weeks on 10mg) to see the full difference. As Agora1 mentioned, it is different from person to person. So Stay positive and Wishing you Speedy recovery

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Thank you so much for your input I will be going to the 10 mg on the 19th when I go see my internist I hope it works Fast for me I cannot stand this anxiety anymore

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alphaind in reply to SOPHIA24

Nothing to be worried.. Everything will be Ok and I am sure that you will be out from Anxiety very soon.. Stay Safe and Stay Blessed

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