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Maybe starting lexapro?


I have decided to finally go on something. I am a chicken shit to take anything anxiety has taken over my life. I want to stop obsessing. I weigh 112 lbs I am 58. The doc wants to start me off with 5 mg of lexapro very small she wants me to be comfortable starting off on a small amount. What do you guys think? Anyone else on lexapro? How much?

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Hi Chicago22, Starting on Lexapro was the best alternative when I got

off benzos. For me, Lexapro doesn't give me any side effects . I feel alive,

clear headed and a zest for life. I started on 5mg and went up to 15mg.

Wishing you Good Luck. Don't forget, the medication is only as good as

us taking it. It may be the best decision you make. :) xx

Chicago22 in reply to Agora1

Wow thank you. How long have you been on it.

Agora1 in reply to Chicago22

7 years :) xx

Chicago22 in reply to Agora1

So the dosage doesn't increase?

Agora1 in reply to Chicago22

The dosage can increase over time. But if you are doing well,

it can stay the same. That's your doctor's decision.

Tamv in reply to Agora1

I take Zoloft, but still need some Clonopin during high stress. Good luck.

Lexapro was horrible for me didn’t help at all. Zoloft is the best for me.

Try the lexapro and see how you feel it’ll take awhile to get use to.

We are all different one med may work great for someone and another it doesn’t. Good Luck!!

I started taking 5mg of Lexapro slightly over to weeks now, and I was also really scared/anxious about starting an SSRI. But I finally decided to try it because my anxiety was beginning to affect my work/career. The first week i experienced severe nausea, and couldnt keep down food for about 3 days which triggered worse anxiety for me because I often have health related anxieties. But it is worth sticking out! One week after taking I really began to feel like my old self again, with no more side effects! I occasionally feel slightly anxious this week, but i have not experienced any panic attacks which used to occur 3-4 times a week. So i have been happy with the results so far!

Chicago22 in reply to Krluna

Someone else told me about the nausea. I still am scared but I hate feeling the way I do too

Krluna in reply to Chicago22

I have another close friend who has been taking lexapro, that did not have any side effects when starting. Every body is different! I was afraid the medication would make me feel emotionless/like a zombie, but that has not been the case and I have just felt normal again if that makes sense.

Jimmyluke55 in reply to Krluna

Does this make you tired love I’m on citalopram and I’m exhausted all day everyday xx

I think I want to start

Agora1 in reply to Chicago22

Chicago22, I think you are more than ready now. :)

Good Luck, we're here to support you :) xx

Chicago22 in reply to Agora1

Thank you I go next week to talk to her again

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