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Hello everyone

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Hello I am new on here.I take Sertraline 100mg medication everyday.

Nice to meet you guys.

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Hi Micaelah and Welcome. It's very nice to have you with us.How long have you had Anxiety issues?? We are here to help you :) xx

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Micaelah in reply to Agora1

Oh Thank you very much Agora1. I have been suffered from Anxiety and PTSD since when I was 16 years old. So for 20 years, I have Anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

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Agora1 in reply to Micaelah

Thank you for responding Micaelah. I had severe Anxiety as well as Agoraphobia for years. I started out with medication and therapy but then needed to add other tools.There are so many methods available that can help us cope.

I use daily Meditation and Breathing along with SelfHypnosis, Mindfulness, Biofeedback,

Relaxation techniques, Affirmations and on and on.

My "go to" is YouTube There seems to be a video for anything we need. Learning as much as we can in how the Mind/Body Connection works helps us heal and go forward.

It was a long journey for me to overcome but I did. Now I am here to help others by

passing my success forward. You are certainly in the right place and wish you well :) xx

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Hope4me1 in reply to Agora1

You are always so kind and helpful! You are a wealth of knowledge in my opinion 💕

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Agora1 in reply to Hope4me1

Thank you Hope4me1... It took me many years in learning and researchingto get where I'm at today through the help of the best of professionals. :) xx

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Hope4me1 in reply to Agora1

I hope to gain much knowledge from you!😊

Hi Micaelah! Welcome. We are all here to create a support mechanism for each other. No matter what the problem you'll find this lovely group a place to vent. We're here for you. I am also on 100mg Sertraline. I've been taking this dose for about a month. I think it's doing something, but not quite sure yet. I have MDD so maybe it will take longer for me to feel the benefit. Hope you are feeling good today. ❤️

Nice to meet you too , do you feel that you benefit from 100mg of sertraline ?

At the begining, I started 50mg of sertraline and then I changed the dose a week ago. I'm carefully keeping watching out the side effect. Thankfully, as for now here is no side effect.😊

Hi. I to have not been long on Sertraline about 11 weeks now. How have you been? And I’m new on here as well. Happy to chat :)

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