Hello everyone, new to this

I wanted to see really if I can meet and chat to people who has anxiety and panic attacks , I do have lots of support but it would be nice to chat to people who know how it feels and share coping ideas etc x


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  • Hello Kirsty

    Welcome...you've come to the right place if you want to talk about anxiety :-)


  • So glad to hear that, I have taken all the advice and done everything the doctor advised, I'm now on the sick again so bord x

  • HI Kirsty and welcome x I am a fellow anxiety sufferer with panic attacks although not as many lately as I once suffered x I am currently undergoing cbt therapy for the panic and i find it is helping a great deal x It is a truly awful feeling having anxiety but you have come to the right place to find fellow people like yourself who can give you some great advice and help x

  • Thank you so much DONVER22 , I have been signed off from work again and trying new mediction. I have only had this for a year. Im normally a very happy , bubbly outgoing person loads of friends and family memebers have said i have changed. My manager at work has had chats with me because they are worried i seem different, want to be left alone , speak to people when spoken to and they tell me its hard to get conversation out of me. I know im not the same person as i was and worried im not going to get that kirsty back : ( and i get upset all the time. so with the timei have off i'm going to continue reading the books i have , i have audio on my phone that i downloaded from an anxiety website that helps me relax so i use that when i go to sleep , i am looking for a new job because mine is too much at the moment and i cannot cope , and signing up to websites like this , i just dont feel im getting anywhere and it annoys and stresses me out i feel like i'm fightin with myself and i am loosing xx

  • I have had it on and off all my adult life but really badly in the last year x Some of the medications they can give you are really good I guess its just finding the one that suits you best x I thin with anxiety we do tend to withdraw into ourselves as we fear others cannot understand why we feel as we do x I was never totally outgoing but always liked to be in the company of others and chatting to friends and family, nowadays I am virtually housebound with it x Sometimes the best thing to to is let it be x Just go with how you feel and don't try to fight it , they is normally a reason why we feel anxious, trauma in the past or environment we are in etc so maybe changing your employment may take off some pressure and ease the anxiety:) x

  • Hi there and welcome:)

    Yes you've come to the right place. We are a friendly lot always happy to listen and give advice.

    I have anxiety and depression and suffer panic attacks but not had one for a while. I've just finished cbt which was helpful. I also do mindfulness. Hope you find this site useful :) xx

  • I'm sure i will , i do have family and friends and people in work who try there best to support me but they dont have any idea what i'm talking about. They are just a set of ears lol - and i'm asked to explain how i feel wow i cant do that because half the time i dont know x

  • Evening Kirsty,

    Welcome to the site everyone is helpful and supportive on here. I have had lots of support from everyone and it has helped me loads.

    gardener x

  • Hello gardener thank you so much I am happy I found this site x

  • Hi Kirsty, welcome to the site as has already been said you are in the right place. Keep popping in and asking questions or if you are having a panic someone will be around for reassurance.

    Take care x

  • Hi

    Welcome :-)




  • Thank you so much winter and why why any tips you can give x

  • Hi Kirsty

    Not sure how long you have been taking your meds as they do take several weeks to work

    If you have not been taking them long then give them a chance & if you have been taking them several weeks & you feel they are not helping then go back & speak to your GP

    Have you thought or asked about counselling as well as meds this is something that many of us have found useful again if you have had some before you can always more

    Try not to fight how you feel , the more we do the more pressure we put on ourselves which then causes more anxiety

    It is not easy but if you can accept like any other illness that at the moment you are not well & be kind to yourself just like if you had a broken leg or something it does help

    This can be little steps moving forward & you are already making them & slowly things will improve & that Kirsty you fear might have gone will be back :-)


  • Thank you why why I've had this for a year doctor keeps telling me that so much has happened in a short period of time and I need to let my body and mind catch up

  • Your GP sounds very wise , it is very true but we can me in such a rush we don't give ourselves that chance !

    Allow yourself time & the more you do things will improve :-)


  • hi kirsty, I am a carer for my wife who suffers a lot with anxiety, this site has really helped by being able to talk to people who have similar problems, so keep posting, we all want to help. love jasper xx

  • Aww. Thank you Jasper I'm so grateful x x

  • Welcome... and you have come to the right place. Everyone on here knows how you feel. They are very support with lots of brilliant advice. Julie xx

  • Hi Kirsty welcome

    You will find lots of support here:)


  • Hi there

    Just wanted to welcome you,I've only been coming on this site for the last three weeks but I've already found it an enormous help and everybody is very supportive,I also suffer with bad anxiety so I do know where you are coming from so any time you fancy a chat then just holler!

  • Hello, nice to see a new face :) I suffer from anxiety with depression and am currently on the waiting list to start CBT as well as meeting with a clinical psychologist for additional guidance and support. I have found this website to be a HUGE pillar of support! Whenever my anxiety is high, or something happens in my personal life that triggers an over the top emotional response, I post how I am feeling on here and there's always someone to offer advice :) I hope you find the site helps you too. All the best xx

  • Hey guys I can't sleep and it's driving me mad: (

  • Hi and Welcome Kirstykoo, unfortunately another downside of anxiety, not being able to sleep, try and listen to your downloads of relaxation tapes and focus as much as you can on deep breathing.

    I wish you well and there is plenty of support on here.

    Eunice xx

  • Hi welcome. You will learn lots on this site & we are very understanding & supportive especially the administrators.

    All the best & good health. Xx .

  • Hi welcome to the site.

    I find deep breathing very helpful and concentrating on this rather than other things. To be aware of your breath going in and out. I think I close my eyes as well. do you have an occupational health dept at work through which you might be able to get some counselling if you feel that might help.


  • Hello I do have occ health at work I been to see him a few times

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