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anyone got covid symptoms laterly or now

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what symptoms did u have

did u have a cough how long u have covid before symptoms went ive had it 4 days now and this chesty cough is driving me crazy

had a slight fever few times and back ache and just feel weak was your cough dry. did u test your oxgen levels

did doc not offer u a xray see how bad lungs was what was your oxygen levels

thats good and u still felt breathless did u go to hospital for it

did it scare u has doc not gave u a xray. have u has vaccine now

me and my father got Covid but the symptoms are different. I was down with fever for 2 days, no Cough, no breathlessness ..nothing. Oxygen saturation is about 96-98%. However, I could notice that my pulse rate is on lower side (55-65) and I used to drench in sweating. On Doctors advise I took medication and recovered.But for my father.. no symptoms at all except breathing issue. We took him to hospital as he was recovering from his 4th Chemotherapy (4 days before). He was tested positive and admitted. After 10 days fighting, he lost the battle to Corona 😩😰😩.

So, the symptoms vary from individual to individual.. and people without any comorbidities, can recover easily..

my suggestion is Stay positive, take lot of rest, Be hydrated with water or rehydration solutions.. take protein diet.. and good sleep. Of course...take your vaccine


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