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I accidentally reading article about covid-19 that can cause happy hypoxia syndrome and can cause sudden death I'm scared in case i have it


I don't know what to do I'm started to panicking now my breathing is heavy

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Hello :-)

The worse thing we can do is read things and yet there we find ourselves doing just that until our anxiety is worse than before we did , why do we do it I have no idea but resist reading things , I have not read it and when I saw you post I was tempted to go and see my worst enemy Google to see what it was on about but I said no !

They are printing the biggest load of rubbish with all these theories , feeding people's anxiety and making us worse than ever !

You will be fine and you won't have it ask yourself before you read it did you think you had this ?

So it shows reading it has triggered your anxiety of

Do you best to push out your mind what you have read and tell yourself it is just scaremongering and nothing else they are printing :-)

Take Care x

I don't know maybe because the last few days i get out of house and going to crowded place like coffee shop. And maybe i have it but I'm not sure is this my anxiety that causing heavy breath or its a real problem

I think maybe because you went to the coffee shop it has set your anxiety of

As long as you keep washing your hands or when you are out use hand sanitiser , where a mask where you can and keep the Social distancing you should be fine :-)

Most people that get it do not have bad symptoms again they just report the worse

Try and relax and take some deep breaths and slowly let them out again until you feel calmer :-) x

And my anxiety is getting worse is because i read article that there is skyquake in another regions of my country and its scares me because when the first time i got my anxiety because i hear skyquake from my house and it happen in another region now and its scare me

I feel like that's a lot going on in my mind and its exhausted now i got scared easily even at the moment im feeling scared 'cause i haven't go to see psychiatrist so i don't know what to do feel like im dealing this on my own

I am sorry to hear you are having this as well in your region and it must be cause for concern but tell yourself as now you are ok and take each day as it comes :-)

Can you not contact your psychiatrist by phone ?

We are struggling to get the support face to face with all what is going of but they are still talking to us over the phone and it is just as good and helpful :-) x

I don't think i can because i haven't met any psychiatrist. and the healthcare services and government insurance in my country is suck and it takes years and a lot of procedures that i have to take so that i can see a psychiatrist so i think the healthcare service in my country is only for rich people 'cause i cant afford any doctor 'cause right now I'm still unemployed and still a college student.

O right

Well use these sites for support and go on Youtube and look up things like how to deal with anxiety , there are so many useful tips to help :-) x

But thank you for your recommendation and support i feel slightly calm

Glad you are feeling a little better :-) x