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Insomnia after Pfizer vax

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Has anyone else experienced insomnia and then anxiety afywr the first vaccine shot? I'm on day 3 after getting the first shot of Pfizer. Last night I was really tired and would nod off and then immediately wake up again. This happened over and over and over and that gave me anxiety. The same thing is happening tonight. So tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, but within seconds I'm awake again. I find this exhausting and very unpleasant. I managed to fall asleep while using a Beta Blocker, but only slept for 3 hours and woke up now with fast palpitations. Feeling worried about how long these side effects will last.

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My body started shaking all over for about an hour.

These are not rare side effects that should eventually subside , so try not to worry just yet

I have a lot of anxiety around taking new meds bit I will try. Thank you

Hope you are feeling better

I get the feeling it’s an immune response because I haven’t taken the vax but have had similar issues from severe IBS:

Basically this is my story but for IBS however my sleep has been affected by all the severe symptoms would flare more during sleep and early morning IBS as a result 4-6AM:

I had severe IBS but always related it to my Anxiety/Panic Disorder. I tried so many things, Diet, Exercise, Meditation/breathing techniques, medication then vitamin supplements, nothing helped.

The 3 things that have completely controlled the symptoms were #1 Faith in God, #2 Probiotics, #3 CPAP machine for sleep apnea, I believe induced by IBS/Anxiety untreated for years/decades. I am not obese and my doctors kept ignoring my request for a sleep study because I would tell them that when my anxiety was bad I would stop breathing when dosing off. Finally Dr. accepted and did the study, and diagnosed mild sleep apnea. So my sleep is much better with the CPAP.

The biggest help was really the probiotics, because the issues didn't completely leave with the CPAP.

I really believe that for many people their gut microbiome is messed up, which affects our immune system, and other systems, etc.

What has helped me is, 50B probiotics daily, with psyllium husk capsules to help feed the probiotics. I've been through 3 different meds last year which hadn't really helped much, some made me worse. About 6 years ago I was on Venlafaxine (Effexor) which really helped and stopped my panic attacks, but came with a bunch of side effects, including fatigue. I had also tried diet and exercise but with no results and usually felt worse for hours/days afterwards. I also went through a lot the past 10 years with anxiety and panic.

My anxiety is pretty much nonexistent now, and my energy levels are still problematic at times but I'm gradually recovering from years being unwell. Biking/moderate exercise 3 times a weeks sometimes a little weight lifting in between days. All of this I find helps me to actually be tired at night and fall asleep better.

The gut and brain connection plays a huge role and the probiotics helped me tremendously and might do the same for you. It took a few weeks to finally notice a difference and a few more to really see a big difference.

I saw a study that shows that approximately 80% of our seretonin is produced in the gut, so imagine all the other ones that might be the same.

I use Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion from Renew Life. They also have 30, 40 and 100 billion. Here's what strains you should try to get if you can't find it in your area, since these helped me:

Bifidobacterium bifidum (HA-132) 25 Billion

Lactobacillus acidophilus (HA-122) 10 Billion

Lactobacillus casei (HA-108) 8.875 Billion

Bifidobacterium breve (HA-129) 4 Billion

Bifidobacterium longum (HA-135) 1 Billion

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA-111) 250 Million

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA- 114) 250 Million

Lactobacillus plantarum (HA-119) 250 Million

Lactobacillus fermentum (HA-179) 250 Million

Lactobacillus salivarius (HA-118) 125 Million

other companies have similar ones but I know this company worked well for my mom (treated her C-Diff) and I. Their capsule is a slow release so that more can reach the large intestine. Multiple strains are being studied because theoretically probiotics are supposed to help your immune system, anxiety and the probiotics help convert the food you eat to vitamins more effectively, since they aid digestion.

I do eat Oatmeal daily now which is a great soluble fibre like Psylium Husk and a great pre-biotic also.

Another huge factor recently has been Camomille tea good right before bed as it helps with anxiety and sleep. I have used it at times when severe during the morning or day and it does help with calming but may make you a little tired. I found a Camomille tea with licorice before bed good also as licorice is known to help gastrointestinal issues and indigestion.

I pray you find a solution and that this may help. Pray and ask God for guidance. God Bless.

This post is Literally about vaccines. People are dying who aren't vaccinated.

What does this have to do with his question and my response?

Your response was all about ibs. What am I missing here? Never mind. Whatever helps OP. Peace

Look at the first sentence, it was regarding an immune response which was related to IBS yes but also triggered other symptoms like anxiety, etc. You’re gut is important regarding your immune system and can effect a lot of things. Hence why the microbiome can improve symptoms when in proper balance. Probiotics may help at least regulate the immune response and other things.

This post was about me having anxiety around a trigger and needing support.

Hope you get the help you need.

It’s not a side effect, it’s heightened fear from Getting the vaccine…

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Lucille-B in reply to Dixie9326

This definitely played a huge role.

I feel like my heart is pounding the whole time and that is what wakes me up.

My advice is buy some bicarbonate of soda from the baking section of your supermarket and add half a teaspoon to a glass of water every morning and evening - this will promote an alkaline environment in your body

Covid and covid vaccine both promote an acidic environment - bicarbonate of soda will counter the acidity

I have long covid and found great relief from bicarbonate of soda

Talk to your doctor. You may just need a beta blocker.

Oops see your already on a beta blocker. You may need a higher dose or anxiety meds. I do both. Try not to worry. You will be ok. Trust me. It's better than dying on a vent. I've seen way to many. You can do this!

I didn't. I was tired a couple days. That was it. I hope you feel better soon

Thank you for all the replies everyone. Going to write my experience incase it could be helpful for anyone.

My doctor said that he has been hearing about strange (and temporary) vaccine side effects from many of his patients and insomnia was a common one. Which was reassuring.

My panic disorder was triggered by the insomnia. When I can't sleep I feel strung out. I have a fear of putting new things in my body, ingesting stuff, new meds etc....(I have had very bad reactions to meds in the past and now I have a fear around that).

So I was feeling very triggered. It just spiraled. I used benzos for a few days and nights and did a lot of talk therapy with friends and feeling better now. Also went running, swimming and some movement therapy. Felt like I was really wired for a few days. Probably panic symptoms. Adrenaline dumps and all that. I need to get my second dose of the vaccine in 15 days. Nervous. But getting Covid would make me more anxious. So I will do it and then get back on the benzos and lots of exercise to release the unwanted nervous energy.

Things I did that helped me while I was in the grip of panic mode was:


•Talk to friends

•Eat (this was very hard but tricks the brain into thinking, well if I can eat then it must be safe).

•Focusing on my breath. Slowing the breath down.

•Reminding myself that I am scared of sensations that my body is creating due te excess adrenaline, these sensations can't hurt me and I can focus on something else.

•Doing something distracting

•Laughing. If you can manage to watch something funny and laugh that is a great help.

To me panic feels like you are a bird stuck in a cage with a lion. So I just want to run and get away.

But I am the bird and the cage and there is no actual lion.

This is my mantra for now and how I'm rationalising it.

I am safe. My body is a safe place. Panic symptoms are only sensations. Things can look and feel weird and I can just ignore them. It will pass.

................I am the bird and the cage and there is no lion.

Sending love to all.

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Hope4me1 in reply to Lucille-B

Thank you for sharing some of your hints to rise above the anxiety. Your analogy of the bird and lion is spot on. I wish you well with the vaccine. I had my first shot too. It was scary but I did it. Just some pain at the site was all I had after. For some reason I have had a bad bout with my reoccurring GAD this past couple of weeks on and off. My shot was in between. So I don’t think it affected it. Just having some dark days. Makes my appreciate the good ones. 😊

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Lucille-B in reply to Hope4me1

Hi, thank you for the response. I generally feel so relieved after a bout of anxiety or panic starts to ease up. I appreciate the ability to just feel like my breath and my heart is slow. So I can relate to appreciating when I feel more like myself. Not fully there yet, but getting a bit closer to it.

How do you manage your GAD? What makes you feel less anxious? I find journaling helps me too. I will write down what I am feeling and try and rationalise it. I ask myself things like on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad do I really feel? What am I really scared of? Why am I scared. Cause anxiety is fear right... What is making me feel unsafe? Why does my body make me feel unsafe? Things like that. Like trying to find what is the source of the fear. What is the muscle memory/nervous system memory that is being triggered. Old trauma triggering anxiety. Is it rational or am I catastrophising. That kinda stuff.

Anyway, just wondering how other people talk themselves down, or what practices they use etc.

Hope your dark days are few. 🌼

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Hope4me1 in reply to Lucille-B

Yes Lucille-B you have thought and acted the way I do. I feel that I have days when my cortisol and my adrenaline are so out of whack that my anxiety goes in waves and if I am alone or have not much to occupy myself, I suffer greatly. I have to have tasks, people to talk to, or find a place that can help to calm me. I know that my fear is irrational and I will tell myself I am safe. I find soothing music or just sit under a tree when there is a wonderful breeze. But when the time comes that my chemistry balances again I find relief. And I breathe easily and regain my energy and my life is normal once more. I thank God for this peace and cherish it. I struggle with the need of benzos that I do have but I don’t like to take them. I will sip on camomile tea and take some CBD oil. Usually I can get by on natural remedies. I do take Prozac on a regular basis and find this has helped me through out my life. It’s a small dose; only 10mg every other day. If you feel the need of anything at all, just ask. We are here to support each other and share our triumphs as well as our times of trouble. Be well and use the techniques to calm and bring inner love to your soul. Take care 💕

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