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This is the absolute worst thing EVER! I feel like I haven't slept in days it's now 4:44am every time I close my eyes it feels like im falling :, ( ughh anxiety has to go soon im tired

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Hi Ganaye.

On this site most of us suffer the same lack of sleep. It is horrible as it is the thing we need most, I don't know if you are taking any medication if not see your GP they may be able to help. I hope you get some sleep soon.

Regards Kenny

Ganaye19 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I have an appt coming up, this is the very first thing on my list



I agree there is nothing worse when you cannot sleep especially due to anxiety & like Kenny says this is something that a lot of people that suffer with anxiety can struggle with but in time it does improve

Let us know how your appointment goes , I hope they can do something to help :-)




Ganaye19 in reply to Hidden

I sure will! Thank you

Have to agree, insomnias one of the worse things ever, makes you feel so awful, I have found the more I worry about not sleeping the harder it is to sleep, so now if I have a bad night I just get up and maybe read or just get comfy on sofa, and try not to let it wind me up as that makes it impossible to get back to sleep, have read a few books on it, someone I work with swears by a cup of camomile tea before bed, have bought some but not tried any yet :)

Mimii xx

Ganaye19 in reply to mimii

Absolutely right! Thank you for the great ideas

After a baby who did not sleep more than two hours at a time the whole first year, I know how little sleep I can survive on (yikes!) So now even when I really get no sleep I try not to let that worry me. I Pinterest or do random googling on travel to my favourite places, or other hobby interests. Read a book or telly also can help.

I have had some serious disturbed sleep this last three weeks with my symptoms but hopefully my zero caffeine regime will start to help soon, might be worth a try for you too-?


I'll start trying tonight! Lol I just want a good night's sleep thank you for such great advice

Hi, sleep what's that ?

Seriously I was really bad didn't sleep for day's on end. Now I don't eat to late, I drink de cafe, I wait until im dropping off before I go to bed & go through a relaxation process when I get into bed. It's working for me so far as long as I'm not worrying about anything that particular day. Hope this helps take care.

Ganaye19 in reply to cherub2012

Im gonna try it! Thank you

maybe some Bach/ lavender drops? nytol 1 a night ? zoplicone ?

I sleep to much. this isbmy escape from this world. sometimes I can sleep even 15 hrs. Usually I sleep 10 but this is too long as well

drinking cold water helps too. or cold milk

Ganaye19 in reply to gatita

Still haven't slept yet i think I'm about to drink a glass of cold milk! Thank you

My ?GP recommended 10mgPhenergen tablets which are really for travel sickness and antihystamine for hay fever but you can buy them over the counter....give it a go...just maybe a few nights to start, see if it helps.......may take an hour to work.

I have an appt coming up I'll see what she recommends her ideas never work lol! I'll see how they work thank you

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