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Lexapro not working


Hello. Had 2 panic attacks today. Have been on lexapro 15mg now. So I told my dr I want off this med. she’s weaning me down slowly. I’m thinking of using medical marijuana. Any thoughts?

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I had bad experiences with Lexapro also and decided I had to go drug free. The side effects are scary and unpredictable. I hope you find a safe alternative. May God Bless

I didn’t like lexapro either. I’ve tried medical marijuana but it makes me anxious if I’m already anxious (but, like everything, everyone reacts differently)

If you’re having trouble finding meds that work, try a DNA test. They take a bit of your spit, send it to the lab, and are able to pinpoint which depression/anxiety/bipolar/etc meds you should never take, which you can take but will have mild side effects, and which should work well with minimal to no side effects. I did this and it totally saved me

Thanks. I never heard of that. How do you go about doing that?

I asked my doctor and she said that it’s surprising how many doctors don’t think to offer it.

Your doctor (it can be a general practitioner like mine was) will order a kit and have you come in when she gets it. She gets some of your spit, puts it in a tube, and mails it off. Within two weeks (she said that was faster than usual tho) I had the results. They sent her a stack of papers saying what I can and can’t tolerate based on my DNA, it truly was amazing and it makes me sad that it’s not always offered. No one should have to suffer through testing all of these mind altering pills when a test like this exists. And mine was 100% accurate. Everything I’ve tried and hated were on the “never take” list lol.

Also cost isn’t too bad. It’s actually really nice because it’s based on your income- so the lower your income the cheaper it is. To give you an idea, I make around $50,000 a year and only paid $200. Best $200 I ever spent lol

Here’s the link that explains it probably way better than me lol


Thanks. I’ll check it out

I did the Genesight test also, mine was paid for by my insurance. I had tried about a half-dozen different meds over the years and none of them helped except one (klonopin), which supposedly isn't good to take longterm. I took the test which revealed that none of the meds except for the klonopin were good for me and so I tried one that was good (Pristiq) and it has really helped. Really glad I did the test.

I have been on lexapro for twelve years. Try 20mg before giving up on it.

hr1962 in reply to Mbuczek16

agree. i about gave up b/c of initial side effects, but kept seeing comments to stick with it. i started 10mgs 11-1, and as of today, so freaking glad i did. thankfully, never felt better!! hope 10mgs still continue to work, but everyone is different!! good luck to all!!!

Frenchie1012 in reply to hr1962

Just got my dose upped to 20mg. Said to give it a month to see if that works. Hopefully I won’t have that many dreadful side effects again!

Agora1 in reply to Frenchie1012

Hi Frenchie, I'm glad you are going to give your meds another try by upping the dose. I don't think you gave 15mg enough time (4-6 wks)

* eight days ago you were just into a week. I find it a good medication for myself

but anything you may go on, needs time to work on your brain. I wish you well

this time around.

May I suggest that you also find other methods to work along with you.

Check out YouTube and type in what bothers you most. You usually will find

a video to watch and learn and experience some comfort as well. :) xx

Frenchie1012 in reply to Agora1

Thanks. I am just so flustered with all this. My dr thinks I have after COVID syndrome. I had it in July and I started having all these issues months later. Crazy!

Agora1 in reply to Frenchie1012

Oh I'm sorry Frenchie. That certainly does confuse the situation.

I hope you will be okay and this will get straighten out. Please take care :) xx

Lexapro definitely worked for me but it ran its’ course after a few years. I’m now on Zoloft and I really like it. As for marijuana, I say go for it!! It can calm your nerves but don’t smoke too much. That can cause some anxiety. Best of luck!!

Well I’m gonna give it a try but idk if it will work. That’s why I am getting the medical marijuana card so if this doesn’t work then I can wean off and try it. So nervous and scared with all this!

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