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Fusidic cream


I’ve been prescribed fusidic acid cream for an infected cyst/boil on my scalp. Not read anywhere that it’s okay to use on scalp/head but presuming it is as nurse said so. Feel very anxious putting the cream on my scalp as it tends to go on my hair quite a bit and need to use it for 7 days. Has anyone else ever used this cream on their scalp and was it okay?

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Yes I have used fusidic acid cream on scalp and was fine

Geo26 in reply to foxglove

Did you feel the need to wash your hair at the end of each day after using it or did it not bother you if it got on your hair during application? Did you use it for 7 days?

foxglove in reply to Geo26

I washed my hair every evening and applied fuscidic acid after hair had dried also applied in morning . Had no probs and it helped soothe the itch of a patch of eczema and healed it. I used sparingly and rubbed in well. Hope this helps. If not betnovate scalp lotion is good and not messy.

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