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I wish I was doing better you guys I’m so off

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I’m beating up on myself. I’m I feel I’m sabotaging myself in ways and some ways that I use to cope with anxiety are not healthy physically nor emotionally/mentally.

Today’s first day of online education was stressful for me and my younger guy. I assume it will get easier but where I am now feels very unhealthy in my mind. I need to be okay. Why does it seem like I’m not okay?

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I’m sorry this is how you feel. Yet again, I tell you you are not your feelings. They come and go. I will get back to you shortly

I don’t feel ok either. Too much fear and depression. I wish I was going back to school! I need a schedule!


You are not alone. You mentioned online class starting with your son. Do you think that might be it?

Thanks. Yes thats part of it. It was very stressful and I got frustrated with my son and I apologized but still feel bad. I’ll just pray I feel better soon. I feel sick I haven’t eaten today and stomach hurts and head hurts. I feel like I need to believe in God right now. I need to believe He cares. I’m in a bad place and I need that comfort but it’s kind of hard to believe for me right now.


My dear younger sister has inoperable pancreatic cancer and her

faith in GOD is helping her cope.

We spent 3 hours with her today and it was like a "celebration of life".

It's evidence of the power of GOD'S spirit.

Anyone who believes can ask for and receive such power.


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I’m so sorry about your sister. Thanks, trying to believe in good things, it’s a little hard right now.

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Thank you, Starr...

Why do you feel like you self- sabotage? Does any of this below resonate with you.

“We sabotage ourselves because we think we don’t deserve anything better. “Sometimes it doesn’t even occur to us that we matter, that we are allowed to have needs, and that we have the right to live healthy lives.” Saenz ....And their are some coping skills/methods we all can gain knowledge to use. I listened to another different podcast the other day with new info I would like to share. Don’t remember the name at the time but it was good. I hope this helps you ⭐️. I will post more methods/skills/techniques today on my profile later today.Having the stressors of children, the household, the bills, Health and Mental conditions everything is definitely not easy to handle. But we can and we will. Stay strong . You have such a kind heart and give so much support on here. I’ve read many of your responses. So remember who you are. Take a step back and take a breathe in. Now look at the situation through those eyes.

I will stay strong and try not to worry so. Thank you! 🙏 sometimes I expect for things to go wrong so that belief can get in the way

I can see that .Hang in there. You made it another day. Way to go!

Thank you Survivor

I’m exhausted in life. I want to die.

I wish you didn’t feel so bad. I feel for you. You must be hurting. And sounds like your overwhelmed with everything. Do you have a support system of some sort? Have you tried writing a letter to what you would tell a younger person whom told you the same thing? How would you respond ?

Oh good idea I may try that. Thanks. I’m a bit better at the moment. I think the main message I’d send is to take it one moment one step at a time and make sure you deep breath do fun things and be healthy to be able to keep going without ad much pain. I have a therapist and psychiatrist appointments today. So that’ll be good.


Glad you feel a bit better than nothing and Baby steps remember

That’s what I was about to ask you if you had a therapist? Or doctor

You are AWESOME thank ya so!

Thank you for saying that. You made my day! Sometimes when we are in the pit. I know that feeling all to well. If we can just hold on to even just a thread of hope. We may see there’s another way. And fight the feeling of wanting to die. As overwhelmed and tired of life you feel. Perhaps break it down into pieces. Separate all the problems, emotions, thoughts even Heath problems too that are going on . Write everything down on a piece of paper. One by one. Ask yourself those 3 questions . 1. What do feel? 2. What do I need ? 3. What can I do about it? It’s important you really ponder on these questions. I can’t emphasize how important this exercise is. If you can’t do nothing about well than move on to something else. Do do some kind of self care. Something for you that makes feel better. Treat your self with self compassion. Acknowledge those feelings, be kind to yourself and remember we are not perfect. We will suffer but doesn’t mean it will last forever. Please stay strong I believe in you. Please tell me how it went with your appointments.

Perfect, very helpful

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