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What natural things have you tried to cope with your anxiety disorder?

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Hi! I recently started getting into essential oils to help with my anxiety. I’ve been using an oil called Valor and stress away (from the company Young Living) and I feel like they have been helping me. I’ve also started using them for other things like sleep and just as an air scent.

hlacovara in reply to kv3011

I glad they help you. I have a couple stress relieve ones but they don't seem to offer much unless I am applying them wrong . I'm definitely going to look more into these 😊

kv3011 in reply to hlacovara

Some oils have hidden fillers that can reduce the effects. Deff look into what they are being made from. Very few say 100% oil. I apply on my wrists, behind my ears, and even in my palms so I can cup my hands around my nose and mouth to inhale all the good smells.

hlacovara in reply to kv3011

That's a great idea. I will be trying that too. Thank you 😊

Walking at the park listening to loud music

helps a lot with me



hlacovara in reply to Catman22

Ohhh I love doing that too. Nice and loud, high bass 😊🎹

Catman22 in reply to hlacovara

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Lavender tea and some rescue pastilles 😊

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

lavender tea is really good also try using a lavender candle I bet it soothes too 😊

Catman22 in reply to Hb2003

I’m way into Peppermint with Chinese black tea mix and the best creamer...

It’s twice as good as Starbucks and is 15 cents a cup. Sorry Starbucks but mine is way Better and I have it all day every day..

I really like tea, and peanut m+m’s too...

rat I mean Catman



hlacovara in reply to Hb2003

I had to look up the pastilles. Lol now I want to try them. 😊

Hb2003 in reply to hlacovara

They taste very weird

hlacovara in reply to Hb2003

Do you find they help you?

Hb2003 in reply to hlacovara

Yes I did find that they help me

hlacovara in reply to Hb2003

Thank you I'm excited to give them a go. 😊

Hb2003 in reply to hlacovara

Ignore him

Never heard of pastilles

I'm in the U.S. ... I didn't know of them until this post. I found out Wal-Mart carries them here so I'm going to give them a try. 😊

Let me know if they work

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Because she cares about the Catman




A good place to start is the book the "Anti-Anxiety Food Solution" by Trudy Scott. She has a lot of information about diet and natural supplements. It's available on Amazon in print and digital. I've also tried CBD which is legal in the state I live in here in the states. i personally did not find the CBD to be that helpful.

hlacovara in reply to designguy

I'm looking into this now. Thanks 😎

I would suggest cutting out stimulant foods. If your serious you will quit alcohol, caffeine and reduce sugar and salt intake. Already doing just that will greatly reduce stress/anxiety/panic attacks ect.

Magnesium (high grade is good) i use Nutralife magnesium complete forte 400mg. As well as heaps of other natural medicines. Just to name a few, Palmitoylethanolamide (Bio Absorb PEA), Rhemannia/ginseng/wild oats (Metagenics Adaptan) fish oil (Metagenics SPM active).

I currently take 13 tablets a day, they are all natural and work in unison to assist my anxiety, circulation, heart and digestion. The ones i have mentioned here are best for manily improving mental state and nerves.

Interesting. I'm going to look into these things. Thank you 😊

Breathing exercises.. it’s my opinion if you can control your breathing the battle is half beat. Regarding natural remedies. I have tried a lot and in my opinion it’s snake oil.

Best wishes

hlacovara in reply to Ironj

You're right. I have such a hard time controlling my breathing but I'm trying to anyway. 😊 I hope w practice it will get easier.

I was reading your past post and seen you’ve been on ssri. With anxiety the best meds to control anxiety are Benzodiazepine. People will say No no it’s addictive. There is the potential yes , but as needed at what a Dr prescribes for you you’ll be much happier.

hlacovara in reply to Ironj

Yup right again. My doc doesn't want to prescribe benzos stating they're addictive. Klonopin has helped me before ...

Ironj in reply to hlacovara

It’s true a potential a person can become dependent. That said if it give a person there life back controlling there anxiety is worth the trade off. With any medication there’s no free lunch they all come with potential negative effects and SSRI are full of negative’s. Like higher risk of suicidal thoughts and acts, brain zaps when coming off of them, weight gain , deeper depression.

I’m always in favor of benzodiazepine because they work unlike SSRI or SNRI. Benzodiazepine target the Gaba receptors in the brain, controlling anxiety. SSRI are great for depression targeting serotonin. They work for to different conditions.

I would look for a Dr willing to treat my condition and give me the medication that works and that’s Legal to prescribe in the United States. These Drs drank the cool aid caring more about what there piers think about them rather then what actually helps the patient.

natural vitality CALM

hlacovara in reply to flaxxy703

I have this! I like it.


Kava Kava and Valerian have been helpful for me. Both are available on Amazon. Kava Kava is actually comparable to benzodiazepines in the strength of its effect. Don't take it long term, though, it can cause liver damage. But once in a while it is OK.

hlacovara in reply to carolk1955

Hi 😊 I have tried kava tea, I read about it too. It did seem to help then I got afraid of the potential liver issues 😂 I thought it did help a bit while I took it.

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