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Chest Pain


Chest pain seems to be one of my daily symptoms that sends me into a spiral. It’s usually always in the middle of my sternum and feels like somebody literally punched me in the chest or like there’s air in there. 🙄 I always have a hard time fighting with my brain trying to convince myself that it’s anxiety. I always wanna run to the hospital. Ugh. On top of all that I woke up and my leg is crampy. 🙄 which im sure it’s from me aggressively shaking/bouncing my leg yesterday from extreme anxiety. But you know how it goes.

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I hear you I’m the same currently they told me I got hypochondriac I’m doing more exercise and try ignoring hasn’t worked yet but hope it will pay off at the long run

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I have found that intense feeling in my chest and since I had tri bi pas I worried that I was having a heart attack. Turns out it was just pressure on my diaphragm from gas. Two Tums or antacids took that feeling away after walking around a bit. The gas came up and released the pressure that was causing me the feeling. Scared the hell out of me until I learned.

I know how it goes, when I am in this state of mind I feel EVERYTHING and it's so hard for me to figure out if it's real or it's my mind!

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That’s the scary part. When to know if it’s anxiety or not. Then from there, I spiral downwards. :(

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I know! me too. :(

Omg same chest pain like trapped wind right in the middle of my chest everyday hospital told me its acid reflux but my anxiety is telling me other wise will this ever end i feel like i cant cope anymore the pain sets of my anxiety then its downhill from there as soon as i wake up im feeling for the ache n boom at some point it starts im just constantly waiting for it. Im just so exhausted i went hospital a few weeks bk because i was sure it was my heart they did tests and said no its not but im not convinced 😫

Wow.. that is crazy. But same. 🥺 I’m too afraid to go to the hospital. Last year I went almost every two weeks.

I know its so scary 😔 i just cant believe its not my heart.

I understand for I also had chest pain, shortness of breath. I got a blood pressure machine and take my pulse. I'd they ate normal most likely somatiform type symptom. I have the conversion type. Hypochondria is more common though.

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